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We’ve just arrived in Kiev, Ukraine and Im on my way in a few minutes to have dinner with the pastors who have cooperated to make this event possible.  The Fire Conference starts tomorrow morning and the Gospel Crusade starts tomorrow evening.  The city is buzzing with the news of the campaign.  Posters are plastered all over town, handbills have been passed out by the thousands, the television and radio stations are inviting people to come and receive a miracle from God.  Some local groups are opposing us publicly, but many others have embraced what they know will be a historic event for the city and for the nation.  Please remember us in prayer this weekend as we challenge the spiritual powers over Kiev with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Pray that salvation, healing and Holy Spirit Fire would be poured out in a extraordinary way and that the Ukraine will never be the same again in Jesus name.  Stay tuned…

One of many local billboards with posters advertising our Gospel Campaign in Kiev

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  • Ijiwade James

    I’ll also join you in prayers. That local group opposing you, will be won for Christ in Jesus Name.

  • Thomas and Jenny

    Daniel and Reinhard, prayers from the Rocky Mnts of Idaho will be lifted up for you this weekend. May Jesus be glorified.

  • Vik Feodorov

    Dear Daniel,
    That’s why I awoke in my Midwestern apartment this morning with such joy, so peacefully wonderful joy!
    Right away, I will take this opportunity to present my prayer request for my family, especially for my precious daughter Olga, who desperately needs the Holy Spirit victorious power to be victorious in her battle. For my one of my sons, who is in his modest missions trip to Russia now.
    Of course, I knew that you guys will be in Kiev, our golden Ukrainian capitol city, yet this news put me in tears – my God, it’s really happening! Bonnke came back and, most importantly, not alone! there is one young fiery preacher, a representative of the next generation of the witnesses of God, filled with the same Holy Spirit.
    The Spirit, Whose power in action I remember since I was an X-year old child, playing under the table, while my grand-father was preaching at one of our underground church gatherings. Suddenly, his voice and language changed and, after listening to him speaking in tongues, in an awe unknown before, I heard:”Thus says the Lord…” That small, quiet of fear of the “Soviet” people, church meeting burst into explosion of an outloud Spirit-fired prayer. There, under that table crying over my so not childish sins, I was aquianted to the work of the Holy Spirit. My grand-father was baptized in the Spirit in 1926 listening to Bro. P. Ilchuk preaching in their small village.
    Long ago, church history says, Apostle Andrew, on one of the hills of what is now Kiev, spoke his prophecy over the place, where “shining city will arise, that will become the light of the Gospel”.
    Now, this very evening, through these blessed men of His, He is going to continue His glorious work in my home Ukraine, in the very center of Europe, in the middle between West and East…
    Brothers and Sisters, like this dear Bro. Daniel said earlier, it’s Pentecostal news in action! How can we not rejoice? Hallelujah! Amen!

  • Curtis

    Sure will remember you in prayer Daniel.

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