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Dear Mission Partners,

I’ve just returned to my room after an extraordinary first night at our crusade here in Kumasi, Ghana. I can truly say that we haven’t seen anything like this in quite a while. The first miracle was the weather. When we arrived in Kumasi a couple days ago we found constant rain and the crusade ground was a swamp. The weather forecast was calling for a 90% chance of thunderstorms all week. This would have been disastrous for our open air meetings. I asked many of you to pray and we were praying ourselves that the Lord would hold back the rain.

At four o’clock this afternoon, just before It was time to head to the field, I pulled my curtains open and looked out to see the sun shining brightly and the ground dried up! Not a drop of rain fell on us tonight and the crowd started out at 115,000 people! This is only the first night. This crusade could turn out to be absolutely massive.

The people responded to the Gospel with great joy and many remarkable miracles took place. First of all, there were so many cripples healed tonight, at one point I was looking for other testimonies.

  • A woman who had a stroke and was paralyzed on her right side 8 years ago, received full use of her arm and leg. She threw her crutch away!
  • Another woman who was crippled for 10 years walked perfectly.
  • A man who was paralyzed in both legs from the knees down, was totally healed. He was running and dancing on the platform.

Several other cripples of various kinds were healed as well. There was a pile of crutches and other medical aids on the platform like a monument to the power of God. But that wasn’t all:

  • A woman with two blind eyes and a paralyzed arm was also healed. She could see and she could move her arm perfectly!
  • A woman who was deaf in her right ear was also healed. She could hear so well that as she plugged left ear (the one that had been fine) with the crowd cheering. I stood nearly 20 feet away and spoke and she could repeat my words!

Other miracles happened as well – too many to mention. But Kumasi is buzzing with excitement – Jesus is alive!

There is an insatiable electricity in the air. I can tell that this crusade will be historic for Kumasi and for Ghana. Tomorrow morning the Fire Conference continues as Peter van den Berg and I continue to minister to the pastors, bishops and other church leaders. Thank you for lifting us up in prayer. Please continue to pray for fair weather and for the people of Kumasi. May they experience the living Jesus as never before.


Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

Together with Reinhard Bonnke, Peter van den Berg and the whole CfaN team

















Pictures by O. Volyk

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  • Elle Hamatani

    Praise God!!!!!

  • hadassa esther

    To god be the glory That’s what the holy spirit can do through his servant


    JESUS IS LORD!! People I thank God for the life of Evan. Daniel Kolinda. For such a powerful salvation massage. In fact l was so touched by day-2 word THE POWER IN THE BLOOD and the story about redemption. how Jesus redeem as from the devils affliction to my kind HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!
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