Another Flagship Gospel Crusade has just come to a close here in Ibadan, Nigeria. More than 1.2 million people attended the four days of meetings and, although the decisions cards are still being processed, I’m sure that registered decisions for Christ will tally in the hundreds of thousands! Many influential leaders in the Church and government of Nigeria attended tonight’s meeting, including the Governor of Oyo State and his wife. The crowd was absolutely massive—something unheard of since COVID

One final time, I preached the Gospel with all my heart, and multitudes found their way into the arms of Jesus. We prayed for the sick, and God moved mightily!

One notable miracle happened to a military man who had been in a motorcycle accident thirty years ago. As a result, his skull had caved in (the scars of which are still clearly visible), and a metal rod had been put in his leg, making it difficult to walk. A few days ago, he had fallen in a ditch and was badly injured. But Jesus supernaturally completely healed him at the crusade. He said he couldn’t feel the rod in his leg anymore. He was pain-free and had perfect use of his legs. He even started jumping up and down on the platform. This tough man wept for joy as he thanked God for his healing.

We heard many more amazing testimonies tonight, and at the close of the meeting, long lines had cued up waiting to testify. When I asked how many had received healing during the crusade, literally thousands of hands went up. I told the people to put their hands down. I said, let me clarify. “If you had a problem in your body before we prayed and now after prayer, your problem is gone, and you know for sure that you have been healed, let me see your hand.” The result was the same. Thousands raised their hands.

What’s more, the Bootcamp students who have been on the ground here for the last 3 weeks have conducted more than 1,800 outreaches (Gospel Truck outreaches, Kids Crusades, and village outreaches)! They have also seen multitudes saved and witnessed countless miracles. This afternoon we had a meal together with the whole team (almost 200 of us), and several of the students shared some of the most remarkable testimonies I’ve ever heard. I plan to share some of those with you also in the days to come. This coming Saturday, the students who completed their initiation will graduate and launch out into evangelistic ministry! These are the days of harvest!

Thank you so much for sending and supporting us through your prayers and giving. A tremendous impact has been made here for the Kingdom of God, and hundreds of thousands of lives have been eternally changed. I will travel to South Sudan for our final Gospel Crusade of the year in a few days.

Yours in the Gospel,

Together with the whole CfaN team

Daniel Kolenda


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    Greetings to you in Jesus’Name. Sir, I need your counsel as regards the Ministry. The Ministers’Conference attended here in Ibadan Nigeria had been to me a tremendous blessing. God specifically spoke to me through the ministers. Am i welcome to ask for this urgent counselling?

    • sam

      Please go via FACEBOOK. Blessings!

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