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Have a look at the attendance picture of tonight. We were simply overwhelmed. The Lord is so good. I preached on the Blood of Jesus. The result? A huge altar-call! Then Daniel Kolenda prayed for the sick and a whole flood of miracles took place. Asthma, Fibroids and all sorts of pain vanished. The crowd was jubilant. It was a good start and we expect much more in the days to follow.

Some have suggested that we are “addicted to big numbers.” Yes! Shouldn’t we all be? Jesus spoke of evangelizing every creature in the whole world. “Every creature!” There are an awful lot, almost more than seven billion at present. Any noticeable Gospel impact on the world would mean big numbers. One can’t empty the ocean with a spoon. And a big nut needs a big spanner.

Yes, I know, small spanners are needed also and are equally important. That is why we have Fire Conferences run parallel to our Gospel Campaigns, in which the Great Commission priority is urged upon tens of thousands of church-workers. We need more evangelist colleagues. They are not competitors.

This is Reinhard Bonnke reporting from Ibadan/Nigeria, together with Daniel Kolenda and the whole CfaN Team.

(Pictures by O. Volyk)

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