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I am now in London reflecting on the wonderful Nigerian crusade that has just come to a conclusion. On the final night (Sunday), the crowd topped out at 625,000! 2.2 million people attended over the 5 days of meetings and although the final count on decision cards has not yet come in, it is sure to be 7 figures…a week well spent for eternity.

Once again…Thank You to everyone who prayed and fasted for the success of this crusade. We had a special sense of the presence of the Lord. One night I woke up at about 3 am. The Glory of the Lord filled my room in such a tangible way and lingered for several hours. As Evg Bonnke put it one night, “The cloud of God’s glory seems to be hanging so low.” I am convinced that when we go in response to the Great Commission, the Holy Spirit goes with us. The salvation of the lost is not a carnal ambition, but the very cry of the heart of God.

This weekend I will be ministering in Sheffield, England and then back to Orlando, Florida for the Face to Face conference with Reinhard Bonnke.

Now that I have internet access, I will be posting pictures from the crusade. Please go back and look in the original blog entries as I will place the pictures in their appropriate places. (All Photos by Oleksandr Volyk)

To read the reports of the Yola Crusade from Reinhard Bonnke, please click on the links below:

Yola, Nigeria Day 1 (By Reinhard Bonnke)
Yola, Nigeria Day 2 (By Reinhard Bonnke)
Yola, Nigeria Day 3 (By Reinhard Bonnke)
Yola, Nigeria Day 4 (By Reinhard Bonnke)
Yola, Nigeria Day 5 (By Reinhard Bonnke)

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