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What an amazing time we are having here in Yola! Yesterday morning, I preached in the stadium where several thousand pastors and leaders gathered for the Fire Conference. There was a great sense of hunger. They seemed to soak in every word.

In the evening the crowd surged to nearly 400,000…almost double the night before. I led the healing service which took place before the main service. I taught on healing and then prayed for the sick. All over the field, there were eruptions of excitement as people were healed. Before the main service even started there was a crowd of people at the platform ready to give their testimonies. Jesus is so willing to heal. I think if my 3 year old son had prayed, the people would still have been healed, because it is all Jesus. After Evangelist Bonnke preached in the main service, there was yet another wave of healings. Many, many blind eyes were opened and many cripples walked to the glory of God.

When one cripple was giving his testimony, Bonnke asked him, “Who has healed you?” The man replied, “I don’t know your name.” Bonnke turned to the crowd and asked, “Can you tell him the name of the one who has healed him?” The reply came thundering back as if to shake the earth, “JESUS!!”

During the day as one of our technicians was visiting town he heard a group of locals having a heated discussion. He asked his interpreter to tell him what they were saying. The interpreter said, “They are talking about the crusade. They are saying, ‘Blind eyes are being opened, and cripples are walking…we don’t care what the muslim immam says, we are going to see it for ourselves.'” The interpreter then told him, “The others are saying, ‘We’re coming too!'” There is much joy in this heavily Muslim region as the people are meeting Jesus and discovering for the first time the power in his name.

Tonight the crowd grew again to over 450,000. The huge crusade ground looks like a sardine can stuffed to the gills with people. The platform looks like a bar of soap floating in the ocean.

I again led the healing service tonight before the main service, and the power of God moved. In the main service I preached the Gospel, and many thousands were saved. After I finished preaching, Evangelist Bonnke came back to the platform, led the second prayer for the sick and took testimonies. One man was healed after being totally blind for 40 years! There were too many testimonies to count. It is obvious that this entire region is being rocked by the power of God. Principalities have lost their grip, and a new Kingdom is being established…Praise the Lord!

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