Tonight I preached in the second of six cities where CfaN crusades are ongoing simultaneously this week. The area, known as Gongo La Mboto, is where Evangelists Daniel Garcia and Lukas Repert are stationed (both graduates of the CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp). After I preached the Gospel, they ministered to the sick. Many amazing miracles happened, but especially many cripples were healed.

One lady couldn’t walk for six years. She came on stage partially healed. Daniel Garcia prayed for her, and she received her full healing right there on the platform in front of everyone’s eyes! She danced and began to praise Jesus!

Likewise, another crippled lady walked on stage with her crutch high in the air and began to dance with it!

A man testified that he could not walk for two years. He wasn’t actually able to even bend his legs. But tonight, Jesus healed him!! He danced and bent his legs on stage.

In each of the six crusades ongoing tonight, amazing things have happened: blind eyes and deaf ears opened, people rose off stretchers in front of the huge crowds, cripples threw their crutches away, and most importantly, we counted thousands upon thousands of documented decisions for Christ! 

It’s harvest time here in Dar es Salaam. Thank you for continuing to pray for us. Three more days to go!

This is all possible because of you! Thank you!

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

(Together with the entire CfaN family)

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