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As many of you know, we have just returned from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan where our latest Gospel Crusade was held in the city of Kamonki. The meetings were a tremendous success and we are still basking in the afterglow of all that God has done.

We held four evening meetings and two morning pastors training conferences. A total of more than 38,000 people attended the evening meetings and upwards of 11,000 of them received Christ for the first time. This is a city where an estimated 99+ percent of the people are Muslim or Hindu and the largest of the cities three churches is only about 70 members strong. The attendance at the crusade was so overwhelming that the pastors were caught off guard. We told them what to expect but still they didn’t believe it because they had never seen anything like it before. As a result, at the first evening service, where over 3,000 people prayed to receive Christ, they had only prepared 10 alter workers (they were asked to have several hundred ready). By the second evening they had received a complete paradigm shift…going from defensive maintainers to aggressive harvesters in a matter of moments.

Many people received healings and deliverances…we even heard a testimony of a man who had received prayer in proxy for his bedridden mother at home. By the time he got there, the Lord had gloriously healed her. Broken arms, blind eyes and tumorous growths were touched by the Lord as well as many other ailments each night.

The pastors and local churches were greatly encouraged. One pastor told my interpreter that he came to the conference with the intention of leaving ministry. He said that he was discouraged and disheartened and felt the lowest he had felt in his life. After that first morning session, he had received a new passion for life and ministry and was ready to advance the Kingdom of God once again.

Preparations for our next crusade in Madarai, India, are now in full swing. We are urgently in need of an additional $15,000.00. We have already invested a lot into this crusade, the venue has been rented and advertising is fully underway. Please pray about how the Lord might lead you to help us in this time to reach thousands of Hindus with the precious Gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time.

To hear more details of the Kamonki, Pakistan crusade please read the full crusade report in our upcoming summer issue of REACH Magazine. If you do not currently receive REACH Magazine, please visit our website to receive your FREE subscription.

Many thanks to all of you that have donated so generously towards this latest crusade in Kamonki, Pakistan. I believe that we will be amazed in heaven as we see the eternal fruit that has been brought about as a result of a few dollars invested in souls. Thank you from the bottom of my heart on behalf of all those that now know the saving, healing and delivering power of the Gospel.

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