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Final Thoughts From Brazil

By Daniel Kolenda   /     May 31, 2007  /     Articles, Devotional, Teachings, Uncategorized  /     0 Comment

God is always moving everywhere and in all of history, but there are sovereign moves of the Holy Spirit that take place at specific points in space and time. On the day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit was sovereignly poured out in the upper room 2000 years ago. The privilege of experiencing that first outpouring only belonged to the 120 that managed to align themselves with the place and the time of Gods appointment. I remember years ago I visited Moriah Chapel where the Welsh Revival took place a century ago. I remember walking around on the grounds and imagining what it must have been like. I was in the right place, but 100 years too late. I can also remember going back to Pensacola and visiting Brownsville shortly after the revival was over. I can still remember the feeling of depression that came over me when i realized that it was over and it would never be quite the same again.

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Goiania, Brazil

By Daniel Kolenda   /     May 31, 2007  /     Articles, News, Uncategorized  /     0 Comment

I just arrived home a few hours ago and I am reflecting on the events of the past week. What a powerful move of the Holy Spirit we experienced in Brazil. After leaving Belo Horizonte, we traveled to a city called Goiania and ministered in a church there called Videira. It is a church of about 15,000 yet it is only about 10 years old. I ministered on Monday night before Reinhard Bonnke preached and then to the Bible school on Tuesday morning. The atmosphere was charged and God moved mightily in the service. I feel like this is a special time for Brazil. The church across the country is exploding with growth. The maturity level and passion of the people is something I have not seen since my Brownsville days. It seems to be a national revival. Even though I went to be a blessing to Brazil, I feel as though I was the one that received the blessing.

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Belo Horizonte, Brazil

By Daniel Kolenda   /     May 26, 2007  /     Articles, News, Uncategorized  /     1 Comment

The meetings tonight were powerful and so refreshing for me personally. There was a sweet presence of the Holy Spirit and many salvations and notible miracles took place.

Today is the first day of meetings here in Belo Horizonte and God is moving in a mighty way. The people are so fired up and responsive…it was a wonderful crowd to speak to. We are looking forward to powerful things tonight at the Crusade in Jesus Name.

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Feeling Better

By Daniel Kolenda   /     May 22, 2007  /     Articles, News, Uncategorized  /     0 Comment

I am finally feeling much better and very much looking forward to my trip to Brazil in a couple of days. I have been invited to speak at the pastors conference in Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke’s Crusade in Belo Horizonte and my spirit is full of the Word of God for the people there…I feel like I am about to burst! Please keep me in your prayers for continued recovery and for safe travel.

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