Final Thoughts From Brazil

God is always moving everywhere and in all of history, but there are sovereign moves of the Holy Spirit that take place at specific points in space and time. On the day of Pentecost the Holy [...]

Goiania, Brazil

I just arrived home a few hours ago and I am reflecting on the events of the past week. What a powerful move of the Holy Spirit we experienced in Brazil. After leaving Belo Horizonte, we traveled [...]

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

The meetings tonight were powerful and so refreshing for me personally. There was a sweet presence of the Holy Spirit and many salvations and notible miracles took place. Today is the first [...]

Off To Brazil

I am sitting here in Orlando International Airport, about to board my flight for Brazil. Please keep us in your prayers this week; both for the CfaN Crusade in Belo Horizonte and for me as I [...]

Feeling Better

I am finally feeling much better and very much looking forward to my trip to Brazil in a couple of days. I have been invited to speak at the pastors conference in Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke's [...]

Meetings Cancelled

I was scheduled to preach at a church this weekend that cancelled the meetings at the last minute and left me unable to schedule anything else in their place (tisk, tisk). Then, ironically, a [...]

Buy this Motorcycle and Support Missions

A while back I was preaching at a small church on a Sunday night. I didn't think that much could come from such a small gathering, but when I finished preaching a man came up to me with tears in [...]

From Bride to Mother

This morning I was thinking about an encounter that I had when I first launched out into Evangelistic ministry. I called a pastor of a church that I had heard a lot of great things about and he [...]

West Virginia – New Life Worship Center

I had a wonderful time this weekend in Weirton, WV at New Life Worship Center. The church is an amazing testimony of God's restorative power. Three and a half years ago Pastor Bob Mazeroski and [...]

Update on Kamonki, Pakistan

As many of you know, we have just returned from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan where our latest Gospel Crusade was held in the city of Kamonki. The meetings were a tremendous success and we are [...]