In posted from Afikpo Nigeria

“Tonight we hit that serpent on the head,” said Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke as we drove off the crusade field after tonight’s meeting – the first of five. Afikpo is a city steeped in witchcraft and ancient superstitions. The people have lived in fear and bondage to demonic principalities that have gone unchallenged for generations, but tonight, they were confronted by a force more powerful than any curse – the power of the Gospel.

After preaching a powerful evangelistic message on the Blood of Jesus, Evangelist Bonnke prayed, calling out the names of the familiar curses and breaking them one by one in the name of Jesus. The results were glorious — thousands of salvations, dramatic deliverances and remarkable healings…like the one pictured below of a woman blind for 4 years who received perfect sight! Praise the Lord!

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