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#5. If Something Sounds Too Good to be True it Probably Is

Have you ever been sucked into a get-rich-quick scheme that turned out to be a scam or thought you were getting the deal of a lifetime only to discover it was all a hoax?  If so you have probably learned the hard way what the old adage declares; “If something seems to good to be true, it probably is”.  But some have made the terrible mistake of applying this maxim to the Gospel.  One gentleman explained that he felt the Christian way of salvation is too easy and anything so easy could not possibly be true.  But his confusion was evidence that he had completely misunderstood the Gospel.

I recently saw a documentary on Dateline NBC about a man who was kidnapped for ransom in Mexico by a group of anonymous criminals.  He was stripped naked and stuffed into a small box where he was hardly able to move.  There in that box he lay helpless and hopeless for more than 200 days waiting for redemption.  Meanwhile his wife worked feverishly day and night selling personal effects and begging for money.  This poor woman’s life was a perpetual nightmare during those many long hard months, but in the end, through great sacrifice, she paid the ransom and her husband was released.

The reality is that this prisoner did absolutely nothing to facilitate his own redemption.  He literally lay in a box for several months unable to even stand on his own two feet.  Yet, no person in their right mind would ever suggest that his ransom was an easy matter.  Such a suggestion would be an insult to this entire family who would all say, “You could never imagine the incredible price we paid”.

This story is an amazing, modern day illustration of the Gospel. The human race was captured by Satan and bound in sin.  We were helpless and hopeless; completely unable to save ourselves. But God looked upon our plight with great compassion and said, “deliver him from going down to the pit: I have found a ransom” (Job 33:24).  That ransom was Jesus Christ and because He loved us, He stepped in, willing to pay any necessary cost for our redemption.  The cost was great and it was ultimate.  Jesus paid our ransom, not with dollars but according to Mark 10:45, He gave his life a ransom for many.  He took our place and suffered the unimaginable nightmare of the cross.  We will never be able to understand the price He paid for our redemption.

It is true that we contribute very little to our salvation, but what can a naked prisoner locked in a tiny box do to ransom himself.  If someone does not act on his behalf he is doomed.  And that is exactly what Jesus did for us.  To describe our salvation as easy is not only ignorant, but profoundly insulting.  Salvation is free, but it was not cheap.  It is free for us because Jesus paid the enormous debt that we could never pay.  And this is why I say that the Gospel is not too good to be true.  Actually it is too good to be UNtrue.  That is why we call it, “The Good News”.

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  • Vik Feodorov

    I enjoyed this article today, right before the meeting with our District Superintendent, a wonderful Brother. That is so dramatically truthful, Bro. Daniel! That is the Gospel! Yet so many times I could observe the passion of many young men for it, and it is great to see the man’s very heart for the Gospel of Christ. Thank you, Daniel, very much indeed!
    In Christ, Viktor.

  • David Okoye

    Hello Evangelist Daniel,

    Greetings to you and well done for all you do for the Lord Jesus. I admire the grace of God upon your life. Ever since I discovered your blog early 2009, I haven’t even thought of missing a post because I find it to be a refreshment centre. In fact every moment in your blog is like a Fire conference for me. I find my passion for the lost fuelled whenever I read your posts. I literarily devour those articles like a hungry lion because I have a boiling desire to reach my world for Jesus against all odds. By the grace of God I’m actively involved in this kingdom business and I find your articles an inspiration and a push! I believe this is a timely blog because many people unknown to you have found it to be a great divine source. I think if the devil could, he would have barred this blog for a long time because it is disastrous to his kingdom! Thank God he has eternally lost it! Thank you for creating this blog, your openness to the Lord and for choosing to stick to the supreme mandate – EVANGELISM. I pray you, Evangelist Bonnke & the CfaN’s team continue to experience unhindered seasons of souls-harvest and that the Lord would continue to multiply your impact and effectiveness all over the world. Hope to meet you in person someday. Africa shall be saved! (Sorry for the long note please).

  • Daniel Kolenda

    Bless you Andre’

  • Daniel Kolenda

    Amen Donna Sue…let the redeemed of the Lord SAY SO!

  • Andre'

    Awesome, all glory to GOD!

  • Donna Sue

    Thats a great word…I love the illustration of the man in the box!! It really describes how bound we really are until Jesus comes in and sets us free!!! I am one of the set free ones!!!! PTL!!!

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