In Crusade Photos, Posted from Accra Ghana
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Christ for all Nations Great Gospel Crusade – Accra, Ghana – Day 3

Dear Mission Partners,

This has been one of those nights that are hard for me to describe. As always, our emphasis was on the preaching of the Gospel of salvation, to which many thousands responded. But when the Gospel is preached the inevitable result is miracles. Even though I hardly said anything about healing, the Holy Spirit loves to confirm the lordship of Jesus and manifest His Kingdom through supernatural demonstrations.

Tonight we saw so many healings: A man blind for ten years healed. A woman with an issue of blood healed. A deaf man healed. A lady threw her walking stick away. A woman took off her neck brace. I even danced with the woman who had been crippled. But the most moving testimony came at the very end. I asked our video team to quickly give me the raw video (I’ve attached a link to it HERE) so you can see for yourself what happened just a few moments ago.

A man who had been deaf for almost two years had just arrived in town from another city by train and had unwittingly ventured into the city center (Independence square – where our campaign is being held). He was a Muslim. He had no intention of coming to a Gospel meeting and he could not understand anything that was going on anyway, so he lied down and went to sleep. But when he woke up, to his utter amazement, he could hear! He came to the platform and stood before me trembling, overcome with emotion. He had a look of shock on his face. “My name is Mohammed,” he said, and he proceeded to tell me his story.

I asked him if he knew who had healed him and he said it is “The messenger of the Almighty God…Jesus.“ The whole thing was so raw and fresh. I could see he was struggling to come to terms with what he had just realized. “Jesus is, Jesus is…he is a God,” he said, as though the thought had just occurred to him. He said, even the Koran says if you do not believe in Jesus Christ you are not a good Muslim. He seemed to be trying to justify this to himself. But I wanted to make it clear for the thousands watching this unfold, “Jesus is not just a messenger,” I said, “He is the Son of the living God. He is the way, the truth and the life…”

By the end of our conversation, he seemed to be settled and completely sure, but he desperately wanted to get the message to his wife. So he announced the name of the city where he lives and said “If anybody knows me…tell my wife, Jesus is the Son of God!” I wish you could have seen the crowd. No football team has ever received such enthusiasm – they were jumping and dancing and shouting with joy unspeakable and full of glory.  It is a moment I will never forget.

I’ll have to save the rest for tomorrow. Here is the link to the video again (you will be blessed):

Yours in the Gospel,
Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
Together with Reinhard Bonnke, Peter van den Berg and the whole CfaN team


A crippled women dances!


A blind man sees!


A deaf Muslim hears for the first time in 2 years!

E3-DSC_0571 Panoram_Big

Thousands responded to the gospel in Accra, Ghana tonight

Pictures by O. Volyk

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  • Mabel Seglah

    Please we need more of the DVD of Ghana Crusade to buy. We were told it got finished

    Thanks for the great work you did in Ghana.It was awesome.


  • Rosa

    Come to Austria, Bethel Church

  • Quantum weirdness

    Hi Daniel,
    I hope this doesn’t offend you but can you take a couple lie detector tests (or at least one)regarding the authenticity of your miracles
    It would show whether or not your miracles are happening or not


    I was at the crusade and i just dont no how to describe it,,Thank you Jesus Christ Amen

  • Klutse Divine

    I was there as a Cousellor and it was awsome. Jesus is Lord.

  • Richard Maithya

    Praise the Lord. I am grateful to God you came to Kenya. Am a Youth Pastor who was at the verge of giving up ministry for secular but now, more than ever I am committed for the revival of teens here in Kenya.

    God bless Ev Reinhard Bonnke, Ev Daniel Kolenda, and Cfan and also Daniel Kolenda Sr for your visit. I am refreshed. I am gifted. I am a new preacher.

  • pastor kakungulu samson

    This is amazing I will be grateful if we can see this gospel campaign in Uganda.

    if God told you to come to Uganda now, would you?

    pastor Samson Kakungulu

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