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Dear Mission-Partners,

Another historic harvest has begun here in Okigwe, Nigeria!  Our campaign is taking place on a walled soccer field, but the wall had to be torn down to accommodate the crowds!  This is but the first of many walls that will come down this week as the power of the Gospel shatters every barrier and obliterates every satanic defense. 

Tonight was like living in the New Testament.  The Gospel was preached, thousands responded and signs and wonders accompanied the message. 

–        A woman testified that she had pain in her stomach for 6 years, but tonight as I was praying for those with tumors, she said suddenly she felt something moving in her stomach and she felt a cold sensation come over her.  Afterwards the pain was totally gone!

–        As one man ascended the steps of the platform to give his testimony, the people began to talk and shout.  I said, “Do you know this man?”  They shouted back, “Yes…we know him.”  He was well known in Okigwe as a mad man.  But he told me with a calm and pleasant voice that Jesus had healed him and the people began to rejoice!

–        A precious elderly lady testified that her left arm had been paralyzed for the past 10 years.  But tonight, after the prayer, it was completely restored!  Hallelujah! 

Tonight is only the beginning and I sense that great things are in store this week.  We covet your prayers!

Yours in the Harvest,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

Together with Reinhard Bonnke and the whole CfaN team

Pictures by O. Volyk 

Okigwe, Nigeria 2011

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  • Adrienne

    Hi I am Adrienne and from Hungary we been in Brno, Czech Republic on this saturday. It has been great. I will try to share both my mother’s and my testimony. Daniel i don’t know if you read this you might remember me, i am the girl whos left arm got healed from a ping pong size of growth under my left arm which was there for over a year and i was in pain. The doctors werent sure what was it so they sent me home with pain killers i didnt had time to share the whole story last night but i went home, but the pain killers never worked and i couldnt raise my left arm. If you remember when i went on the stage and as i was testifying in the meanwhile my mother was on the floor screaming aka she was being set free of some demonic opressions. She just gave her life back to Christ on the very night before you prayed for the sick. She was shocked and so was i. I was her translator as of she doesnt speak english and i translated all you prayed and i am sure the Holy Spirit was leading you. I know it by this my mom testified on the very night after i went off the stage that you listed all of her diseases. She was diagnosted with Bipolar disorder, she was almost deaf on both ears she had huge wholes in her eardrums, she had heart disease, she has a mysterious disease with her immune system(which you also mentioned in your prayer), she had sclerosis multiplex, she had eye sight issues, she had asthma, migraines, so basicly what could get wrong with the body all went wrong for her, she fell off the ground right before i testified i could hardly catch her because back than i still had pains. She strarted to first cry like a baby than scream. In the mean time i accepted my healing for my arm and i went to testify. Right after i came done and the woman testified about healing of her migraines and you were prayed guess what?? From age 6 i had crazy migraines at that very moment i were healed from it, but not just that. I was healed from panic attacks, low-blood presure, anxiety, depression, suicide, my arm as you know, and here is the thing i was crying out to God in the past 5 years for the real fire of the Holy spirit and ive got it too it is really like how you said. Not just that it not goes away but it has been really increased since than. Also i was a satanist, i was always afraid to speak in tongues but God suprised me and now i have a tongues which about i have a wittness inside of me that is really of the Holy spirit. So basicly God meant that day for me and my mom!!!!! I am crying and shaking as i write this because i accepted more i wished the last thing i wish is that my eyes would be healed too. Oh just to finish about my mom, i listed all that to let you know that from all that she is healed. I checked hear ears she really hears perfectly, she can now bend over which she couldnt do for the past 20 years due to M:S. She has been made whole not just in her body but spiritually too just as me. oh and one more thing. I love to restudy anything i hear from a preacher and you was right the word “sozo” in greak not only means being saved and healed but what this: it means deliver, being made whole, set apart, put someone to a safe place. Much love and prayers and blessings all the way from Hungary. adri


    wow..Glory be to God for all that He is doing

  • Will Brocker

    Thank you Daniel. It is great to hear all the way back here in Houston, Tx, of the wonderful things God is doing in Okigwe. Be encouraged, and strengthened, as He is with you always. We pray all God’s best be manifest in your life of ministry…in Jesus’ name.


  • missy

    This is truely awesome,its so painful that i’m from Okigwe and i have to miss this program just because i live in germany,i called cfan and they said kolenda hardly visits Germany,he was here in june though,Pls make out time for those of us in north rhine westphalia,we really need to experience God’s presence too,May God Bless you Pastor Kolenda.Thank you Jesus for the miracles.

  • Stephen Wynne

    Thankyou Daniel for this awesome report. Praise the name of Jesus.

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