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As I write this, I am sitting on an airplane returning home from the Fire Conference in Taipei, Taiwan where the Fire of God fell in a powerful way. This was not an ordinary conference. I really believe that it was a pivotal moment in the nation’s spiritual history. The Lin Kou Stadium, which seats 13,500 people was packed out. In addition 110 churches around the country were participating in the meetings via live broadband webcast. Through these overflow broadcasts, the fire conference was taking place in EVERY CITY and ALL 26 PROVINCES in the WHOLE NATION…Including all of the Islands at the same time! The combined total of REGISTERED delegates officially participating in the meetings was over 38,500. In addition to the registered delegates, the meetings were broadcast by GOD TV via 4 satellites with a footprint coving all TAIWAN, CHINA and ALL OF ASIA! Perhaps one of the most amazing elements of the conference is that Evangelist Bonnke distributed 25,000 sets of his Full Flame Film Series with his book, “Evangelism By Fire” FREE OF CHARGE. This film series is designed to be used in the context of small groups or cell churches (which are very successful in Asia) and inspire them to be filled with the Fire of the Holy Spirit and to launch out into radical evangelism. The possibilities are endless. The 38,500 that have received the Fire over the last couple of days, from every single city in the nation, are now equipped to equip others. I believe that this could (and will) result in a spiritual revolution in the country.

Yesterday I preached in the packed stadium where the anointing was so strong my interpreter told me that he was having trouble standing. Twice during the message the people began to cry out to God like a dam about to burst. Each time I could have stopped preaching, and I am SURE they would have received right then and there. That evening after Evangelist Bonnke’s message a mass outpouring the baptism in the Holy Spirit took place. It was so powerful. The organizer and sponsor of the conference stood before the congregation with tears in his eyes and declared, “This is what we have been waiting for.” It was obvious to everyone that there was something historical taking place and that the nation of Taiwan will never be the same.

I am happy to be returning home now to see my family that I miss very much. It has been more than a month, and we have been in Hamburg, Bremen, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Johannesburg, Durban, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing and Taipei. I will only be home for a couple of days before leaving again for Montgomery, Alabama where I will minister in a youth convention there.

It is not a cliché for me to say thank you for praying for us. We are on the front lines of the battle and desperately need prayer cover from the people of God. We stand back to back and fight the enemy together. The people that I am ministering to are desperate and hungry. They need a touch from Heaven. It is a life an death scenario for individuals, for cities and for nations. Actually our entire world needs this Gospel that we are preaching, and the church needs the Fire of God to preach it with effective results. Those of us that are preaching it need you!

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