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Kosice, Slovakia 2013

Dear Mission Partners,

Today, all day, we have been ministering in a CfaN Fire Conference in the city of Kosice in Slovakia. I invited two of my dear friends to join me: Todd White and Mike Dow, both have been a great blessing.

This morning after preaching about the outpouring of the Holy Spirit we formed a “Fire Tunnel” with local minters and laid hands on thousands of people! It was exhausting work, but worth every effort. So many people were dramatically filled with the Holy Spirit.

Tonight the venue, the Steel Arena, was packed! Local leaders told me that this was the largest meeting in the nation in over 20 years! I asked Todd and Mike to give their amazing testimonies of how Jesus saved them and then I preached a short Gospel message about the blood of Jesus. When I gave the altar call we almost could not believe our eyes. Thousands poured onto the arena floor until there was no more room. The front, the aisles and the back of the arena were completely FILLED with people surrendering their lives to Jesus. The very sight was enough to bring tears to my eyes.

Then I asked Todd to pray for the sick and Jesus did many wonderful miracles. A young boy, totally deaf for 4 years was healed! Another young man came to the meeting on crutches wearing a brace on his right leg because of a shattered femur bone. After prayer, all pain left and strength returned to his leg. He was overwhelmed, hardly able to believe it himself. He put the crutches down and began to walk! There was also an elderly lady who was healed of paralysis in her arm and the list goes on and on.

We are all overwhelmed and rejoicing at what the Lord has done here today. I think one young woman said it best tonight when she said, “This is shaking our nation.” Praise the Lord. Thank you for praying for us. I look forward to sending you the count of salvation cards returned once they’ve been tallied.

Yours in the Harvest,
Evangelist Daniel Kolenda and the whole CfaN team



Mike Dow sharing his powerful testimony


Todd White and women who was healed tonight!


Pictures by O. Volyk


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  • Daniel M. Narh

    Really JESUS is at His saving business. Glory and Honour be to the Lord.

  • ketho kire

    God cntinous to bles ua minstry..

  • Slavomila Dluzaninova

    Thank you Jesus for Slovakia and your faithful servants! I am living in UK and I had seen Daniel with Reinhard 2 years ago. It was wonderful. This is a miracle that Slovakia needed! I am originally from east of Slovakia just 1.5 hour from Kosice. I believe this will stir Slovak believers to follow Christ wholeheartedly and give hope to the nation. Praise the Lord!

  • Lijka

    Bolo uzasne….dakujem, nech vas Pan zehna ­čÖé

  • aniedi edem

    thank you Jesus

  • Neema Gewa

    The word of God is the best

  • Sean Smith

    Hey, this is awesome. I just left this country in the Spring time. I’m glad to see God moving in that country. Me and my friends were believing for God to do some awesome things there.

  • Zde┼łka Klenorov├í

    Dear all,
    I┬┤m so happy for the job you are doing! Hope you will come also to Czech Republic (to Prague or Brno) Have a nice day,

  • Tom

    Blessings in Jesus Holy Name!

    Tom Reinhard, New Zealand

  • Lenny

    Praise the Lord !

    God do the miracle, In every country, God arise so many young people, like in Indonesia, in Cibubur Area, hundred young people give their life to God, and they want serve God and back to their village to bring the Gospel.


    Jesus’s coming soon

  • Lydia

    Praise the Lord! ­čÖé

  • zlatica boldiova

    waw…haleluja haleluja …jesus

  • Greg Kifer

    God’s men on a mission. Go team go !!

  • Evelyn Schroeder

    Praise the Lord!! Europe needs Jesus!!!

  • Neema Gewa

    Dear evangelist i need your help on my education.Please

  • Salvatore Vaira

    Dear brother, it has been nice to read comment and description of the meeting you had. Glory to The Lord for the work he’s doing.
    Care the gift Jesus Christ gave you, The Lord is more important then the results you get. You will do more greatest works, and for sure God will use you to shake your nation, in this sense never forget that you are his servant doing what he wants.
    May you receive a wider vision from God to steal souls from the evil and bless all the churches where you preach.
    God bless you, amen

  • Neema Gewa

    Dear Evangelist,i comment that,share to the public figure i do need the word of God I have alot of problems.Am 19yrs old.Yesterday is better than today

  • joan lottering

    Praise the Lord! Ask the Lord for the Nation. Nations will come unto Him.

  • Jordan bastian

    Praise The Lord,,,, it is verry encouraging We Give you Glory JESUS,,,

  • Andrew cannon

    I love Jesus with all my heart, I’m an evangelist I meen I must be I lead people to The Lord and don’t stop talking about the messiah, but I struggle with the ” fire tunnel” not sure where it fits into scripture, to me it’s a hype thing. Pls pls can you help me undstand more with info on it.
    I trust God will lead us all into truth. God bless

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