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Jesus is Shaking a Nation – Kosice, Slovakia

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Oct 20, 2013  /     Crusade Photos, Posted From Slovakia  /     20 Comments

Today, all day, we have been ministering in a CfaN Fire Conference in the city of Kosice in Slovakia. I invited two of my dear friends to join me: Todd White and Mike Dow, both have been a great blessing.

This morning after preaching about the outpouring of the Holy Spirit we formed a “Fire Tunnel” with local minters and laid hands on thousands of people! It was exhausting work, but worth every effort. So many people were dramatically filled with the Holy Spirit.

Tonight the venue, the Steel Arena, was packed! Local leaders told me that this was the largest meeting in the nation in over 20 years! I asked Todd and Mike to give their amazing testimonies of how Jesus saved them and then I preached a short Gospel message about the blood of Jesus. When I gave the altar call we almost could not believe our eyes. Thousands poured onto the arena floor until there was no more room. The front, the aisles and the back of the arena were completely FILLED with people surrendering their lives to Jesus. The very sight was enough to bring tears to my eyes. (…Continued)

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