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God is doing a new thing in the earth. Who would have ever thought that we would be holding a Fire Conference and an open air crusade right here in China? Today was the second day of the 2008 Christ for All Nations Fire Conference. Over 5,000 delegates have come from all over mainland China to receive an impartation. Many of these people come from extremely humble conditions. Some from remote towns and villages. One of our team members said that he saw a group standing in front of the elevator watching in amazement…they had never seen anything like it before. Another lady said that since she became a Christian she had never been to a conference of any kind. This one is the first. There is a palpable sense of expectation here. People are so hungry and they need a touch from heaven. They have come here to get it, and I know that they will.

Today I preached in the packed convention center where every seat was filled…even in the overflow. I shared a prophetic picture that the Lord gave me for this conference while we were in Singapore last week. I saw an Olympic runner carrying the torch for the 2008 summer Olympics, and he was racing to Beijing with the flame. I sensed the Holy Spirit say, “I will send out runners with a divine flame into the very heart of China.” I see thousands of runners with thousands of flames going into every city and village and setting the entire nation ablaze with the fires of revival. I feel like this is a new season for China. This year there is a much bigger event than the Olympics happening in China. There is a Holy Spirit visitation that will be a historic milestone in this spiritual history of this nation.

I told the people, “Jesus responds to your response to His word.” I then challenged them to respond with all their hearts. Without giving an altar call or invitation, a crowd rushed to the front of the auditorium. The ushers had to physically reinforce the steel gates that provide a buffer zone for the platform because the people were pressing in with such enthusiasm. All over the room, from where I was standing, I could see that things were happening. People were being spontaneously slain in the Spirit, others were receiving a baptism of Fire. We saw the full range of Holy Spirit works all happening at once. It was glorious.

Tonight Evangelist Bonnke preached about the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and a massive outpouring followed. Below is a clip of tonight’s meeting taken from my small camera. The huge convention center where we are meeting has 7 levels…one on top of another (pictured above). Our conference is on the top level. As the crowd was jumping during the worship (as you can see on the video) the ground was literally shaking. I must admit…it made me think of the long distance to the bottom floor.

Tomorrow is the last day of the Fire Conference, and then tomorrow evening is the open air crusade where we are expecting about 15,000 people. Please continue to pray for China.


Dear Mission Partners,
The Convention Centre in Hong Kong was packed with all its overflows. Never have so many pastors from Mainland China attended a conference in Hong Kong, we are told. I was awed by the passion of these dear people of God. How hungry they are for the Word and Fire of God. It is to me as if the Lord has opened a new chapter and that China will be blessed with the love of God as never before.
We are three days here “in full flight”, the last day being a “Love Your Neighbour” Crusade at the Expo, which can hold 18,000 people. Please pray for us and China. It is a new day!

In His love and service,
Reinhard Bonnke and the CfaN-Team.

Photo by Rob Birkbeck

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