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Today has been a Holy Spirit day from morning to night.  The grand finale meeting of the Fire Conference was absolutely packed by 6:00 AM.  The people came out by the thousands to receive an impartation of Holy Spirit Fire. We laid hands on the senior pastors and sent them out into the huge crowd like the fiery foxes of Samson to pray for all the delegates (have a look at the attached picture).

Tonight after the prayer for salvation, the Holy Spirit fell again on the crowd of 125,000.  Everywhere I looked I could see incredible things happening.  I immediately began to pray for the sick and mighty miracles began to break out.

A man who was blind and crippled in his hands and feet received total and instantaneous healing.  I told him that we would test his eyes, hands and feet all at the same time and I asked him to catch me.  I was amazed at how quick and strong he was.  He was overflowing with joy. “I’m so very happy,” he told me (see the attached picture).

A precious woman also received multiple miracles tonight; her deaf ears and blind eyes were all opened (see attached picture).

Also, a man whose left side was paralyzed from a stroke, a man who had tuberculosis and a boy who was crippled for two years all were healed together with many others…Praise the Lord!

Tomorrow night is the final meeting here in Takum and we are looking for one more huge harvest.  Thank you for your ongoing prayers.

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  • Vik Feodorov

    What a great and wonderful news from afar – the Holy Spirit of God is on His move in His Church! Oh, haleluyah! Thank you, dear Bro.Daniel!

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