In Crusade Photos, Nigeria

Dear Mission-Partners,

Tonight I preached about the precious blood of Jesus. The people were so responsive and attentive, drinking in every word and making decisions to follow Jesus in huge numbers! Then I prayed over them, breaking every devilish curse in the name of Jesus and miracles began to pop up like popcorn. From the front of the to the back people were rejoicing everywhere as the power of God swept across the field healing bodies and setting captives free.

We heard wonderful testimonies tonight, including one from a little girl who had been deaf and dumb from birth, a crippled man who can now walk and a little boy who was blind for 5 years but now can see! It is as though Heaven has kissed the earth here in Okigwe, Nigeria.

Tomorrow the Fire Conference comes to a close. Please pray for the thousands of pastors and church workers who will come hungry to receive an impartation of Holy Spirit Fire. More to come tomorrow.

Yours in the Harvest,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

Together with Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke and the whole CfaN team

Pictures by O. Volyk

Boy demonstrates his healing after being blind for 5-years

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  • Everett Thorne

    In 1966-1967 I lived as a Peace Corps volunteer
    in Okigwe. It was a small village in those days,
    just a few tiny shops and scattered huts.

    My job was working as an attaché to the Ford Foundation to develop a community farm cooperative. The plan was a sophisticated attempt to introduce mechinized farming by redestributing land into large parcels, establishing tennent ownership by the farmers themselves and providing equipment and housing.
    We were well underway when the Biafran civil
    war broke out and I had to be evacuated never
    to return.

    Now I am a Spirit filled believer and have read Reinhard’s autobiography 3 times. I have also
    shown the Full Flames series to the men’s group at the Assembly of God Church where I attend.
    My heart is burdened for the African People. They are like vulnerable children in a land of
    corruption. Satan’s grip was firm while I was there especially on my own life.

    I am the same age as Reinhard and often thought as I read his book “if I had only followed
    God’s childhood call on my life like he did.”
    I can’t fathom what has occured in Okigwe.
    I so want to go back and see the changed lives
    feel the Holy Spirit move in that stricken land

  • Gregorian Hartanto

    Dear CFAN, I live in Jakarta and I have a e-mail post from Singapore. I have a Impact Magazines in September 2011. Congratulation for your success crusade in Okigwe,Nigeria. God have open all eyes in Okigwe and Jesus have save many people. That’s was a great news for us. I look for new Ps Reinhard Bonnke book. Living A Life Of Fire. I want look that book. Where can I bought that book in Jakarta. So I know CFAN from Reinhard Bonnke crusade in Jakarta 28-29 October. I feel a great presence of god. Now, i want to follow your community and I always follow Jesus. JBU

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