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The final night of our meetings here in the Singapore Indoor Stadium was indeed a Grand Finale. The “Planet Shakers” group from Australia opened the meeting with high praise and world-class musical excellence. The crowd was enraptured as thousands of voices filled the stadium:

*”Hallelujah, You have won the victory

Hallelujah, You have won it all for me

Death could not hold you down

You are the risen King

seated in majesty

You are the risen King”

The cadence was almost martial and as the strong, steady rhythm thundered through the hall – the voices seemed to get stronger. Faith was rising…Jesus is alive and everyone knew that soon we would see the evidence.

Evangelist Bonnke and I ministered together and finally he issued the invitation: an urgent call for salvation to which the multitude responded overwhelmingly. Once again the altars were packed with those giving their lives to Jesus. The crowd was a melting pot of individuals from such a wide cross-section of backgrounds, cultures, nationalities and languages. The counselors at the altar were broken into sections by language, leading people to the lord in Cantonese, Thai, Tamil, Sinhalese, Spanish, Basha, and Hokkien. It is always incredible to me how easily the power of the Gospel translates so naturally into every culture and language. It is evidence to me that the Author of the salvation is also the Creator of mankind. He has made us for the Gospel…all of us. Evangelist Bonnke often says, “The Gospel is like water; no man invented it, but no man can live without it.”

Then came the prayer for the sick and mighty miracles followed. One young man who had a crippled foot shouted into the microphone as he enthusiastically told the crowd how Jesus had healed him. Then, to demonstrate his healing, he started doing back-flips on the platform! Now that is my idea of a good Easter service!

How I love evangelism! We don’t come with flowery speeches and wholesome, sensitive entertainment; inspirational orations about a religious, historic event. Our Easter is not about bunny rabbits, chocolate eggs or even flower-petal-ornamented, decorative church crosses. We come with a demonstration, with power, accompanied by the risen Christ Himself. It is Good News (not history), for it is happening even now…Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. He needs no one to prove that He is alive…we know it is true because He shows up in person. Happy Resurrection Sunday everyone!!

Tonight we gather with some friends here to celebrate Evangelist Bonnke’s 50th year in ministry. Tomorrow we head to Indonesia. More to come.

* Music: “The Anthem” by Plantshakers off their “All for Love” Album

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