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For 18 years, Elizabeth Joe suffered with agonizing pains in her abdomen. The pain was so severe that it kept her bedridden for days and sometimes weeks at a time. She and her husband spent all their money on voodoo priests, doctors and trips to the hospital. One day, after a trip to the hospital, Elizabeth and her husband heard the sounds of the Christ for all Nations Gospel Crusade nearby. She wandered in to see what was happening.

As she heard Evangelist Bonnke preaching the Gospel the Holy Spirit began to touch her. She made a decision that night to follow Jesus and was born again. The next night she returned to the Gospel Crusade full of joy believing that she would also be healed. As Evangelist Bonnke began to preach, the pain in her abdomen started to increase. She said, “Devil, you are late. I am in Christ’s hands now.” Then Evangelist Bonnke said, “Wherever you are feeling the pain, put your hand there now.” After prayer the pain vanished and has not returned for more than a decade!
We asked Elizabeth what she would say to someone who has been suffering as she suffered. She said, “With God, all things are possible! The sickness you are having is not because of God. God is bigger than that sickness! Go to Christ: accept Him with your whole heart! If God can change me today, God can change you too.”

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