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Jacob Appiah suffered for 6 years. He was very fit and worked very hard providing for his wife and 7 children. Then one day on his way to work everything changed when he felt something snap in his body. After days turned to weeks and weeks to to months, he turned to begging on the streets as the only way to try and put food on the table for his family.

When Christ for all Nations brought their Gospel Campaign to Kumasi, Ghana attended hoping for a miracle. As evangelist Daniel Kolenda was praying for the sick, he said, “I also prayed to God, asking him to heal my back. And then I had a feeling that I never had before. I could feel an intense heat all over my back. At first I thought someone hit me from behind, but before I could check, I realized that I could feel my toes. I knew God had healed me and so I threw down my crutches and began walking towards the stage.”

After that evening at the crusade Jacob told us, “I am so happy! So so happy! I don’t have the words to express how thankful I am to God. Thank you for healing me, thank you for restoring my life!” Watch Jacob tell the story in his own words.

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