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Recording studios of all kinds are often very antiseptic and artificial environments where genuineness and authenticity are rare.  When I record I am always contending for the awareness of the presence of the Lord, but today it was no struggle.  We had a full day of taping at the Christ for all Nations television studio in Orlando, Florida and there was a powerful presence of the Holy Spirit throughout the day which started as Evangelist Bonnke ministered.  He preached a message on the Resurrection which will air during Holy Week.

Afterwards, my friend and fellow evangelist Michael Koulianos interviewed both Evangelist Bonnke and myself for his television program called “Jesus Image”.  Michael has an extraordinary love for Jesus that permeates everything that he says and does.  Our conversation was centered around love for Christ and His presence and as we talked we could sense that presence filling the studio…it was powerful.

I’ve included some behind the scenes pictures of the day below:

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke Preaching on Christ for all Nations Television show

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke Preaching the Gospel

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke Ministering on Christ for all Nations TV Show

Evangelists Bonnke and Kolenda Praying for Prayer Requests

Michael Koulianos interviewing Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke

Michael Koulianos Interviewing Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke

Michael Koulianos Interviewing Daniel Kolenda

Michael Koulianos Interviewing Daniel Kolenda

Michael Koulianos and Daniel Kolenda

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  • kevin esada baliguat

    Glory to God servant of God;’i desire in my life to become an evangelist of God;’;to help people not only in thier spiritual but also in physical for God’s glory alone;’;’im so bless God will bless u more;”

  • erickatchy

    I love Jesus! Just when the Devil thinks Reinhard Bonnke is aged and winding down, Daniel Kolenda picks up the baton. I will be glad to hear you preach Rev Dan anytime you come around Lagos Nigeria. Meanwhile, we also are blazing the evangelism trail same fashion as CFaN. God bless you Sir!

  • Bullus Gago

    Hello Daniel, I dont know if you can remember me, we had a conversation at the breakfast in California ( I was the Nigerian volunteer). You shared with me from the book of Samuel and how Hannah’s husband asks her, “Am i not much more worth to you then 10 sons?”. Just wanted to tell you God has begun to look upon me. It has been tough, but God is with me. Some of my Nigerian family members are being persecuted, But for me to live is Christ and to die is gain. Is there a way I could personally email you?

  • Gaby Wentland

    Thank you Daniel for your great ministry. Thank you for your obedience to your calling.
    We are standing with you and Rebekah and we pray for you!
    Looking forward to a great harvest in 2012!
    Greetings from Hamburg, Germany,
    Yours Gaby & Wini

  • Eric Gilmour

    You guys are shaking the word

  • David Okoye

    Wow! This is amazing. You all look so great and anointed! Daniel, I love your pictures. They’re great!

    • Daniel Kolenda

      Great to hear from you again David.

  • Sungani

    God bless you God`s servants, we are really benefiting from your ministry .Here in Malawi Cental Africa we are waiting for your crusade one day.

    • Daniel Kolenda

      Amen! I look forward to coming to Malawi soon God willing.


    this is awesome. May the Lord use through the medium of this TV show to impart a lot especially here in the United States. Great Job!!

    • Daniel Kolenda

      Bless you Fredrick!

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