In Nigeria, Posted from Sapele

We have finally arrived in Sapele, Nigeria and we are all poised and ready for a mighty harvest of souls this week in the campaign that starts tomorrow night.

This morning we arrived in town and were heartily welcomed by the townspeople (see the attached picture of a little princess who came out to meet me with flowers). There is an atmosphere of eager expectation here and sense that this campaign has been Divinely appointed for this time. Tonight at the pastors banquet, the crusade chairman said, “You are coming at a very strategic period in the history of Sapele, a time when everybody is hoping that God will divinely intervene in the affairs of this town.”

He went on to say that the body of Christ in Sapele has already begun to benefit “in no small way” from our coming because it has “brought us together in a holy body of Christian unity like never before. Denominational barriers have suddenly crumbled and believers as well as ministers and becoming more united.” Praise the Lord!

Please keep us in your prayers throughout the week. We are believing for salvation, healing, deliverance and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, that will be historical and unprecedented in this land. As always, we will keep you updated each night so stay tuned…

(Pictures by O. Volyk)

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