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Dear Mission Partners,

The final meeting of our Gospel Crusade in Daloa, Ivory Coast, has come to a glorious conclusion just a few minutes ago. It was above and beyond all expectation. Rather than writing a lengthy report, I recorded this message for you from the field. I’m sure you will be so blessed:

Also, I’ve included a fantastic shot of tonight’s crowd. On the way to the meeting, we noticed the convoy had taken a different route. We soon saw that it was because the authorities had shut down the road next to the crusade field in both directions, blocking it off so that the crowd could overflow into it. It was like Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

Once again, Jesus has done all things well. Thank you for praying for us. I will send the decision card count once it is in.

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

Together with the whole CfaN team

Pictures by O. Volyk



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