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Dear Mission Partners,

Tonight the crowd nearly doubled to 145,000!  The head bishop of the fellowship of churches here in Abidjan, Ivory Coast leaned over to me on the platform and said, “These are the biggest meetings we’ve ever seen.” The pastors, chairmen and bishops are all “over the moon” with excitement. This is clearly a historic event and a spiritual landmark for the Church and for the nation.

Tonight as I was interviewing those who had testimonies of miraculous healing, the crowd started chanting “Je-sus, Je-sus, Je-sus” so loud that it was difficult to hear the testimonies. From all over the field shouts of joy were constantly erupting as the sick were being healed.  The level of faith and zeal is something truly extraordinary – even in our experience!

So many blind eyes were opened, cripples walked and many kinds of infirmities were healed.  Best of all, thousands responded to the Gospel and surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ! Praise the Lord!


Yours in the Gospel,
Evangelist Daniel Kolenda with the whole CfaN team

P.S. if you have not yet seen my video from when the Holy Spirit swept through last nights meeting, you need to check it out…it’s glorious: Click Here


































Pictures by O. Volyk

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  • Alann

    Glory to God! am glad that the Lord has been using u the same way he uses Ev. Bonnke .His servant cant be put to shame. cont wiith great wrk , Kolenda Lord is with u n we 2gether in prayers.Amen

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