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I feel bad that I have not posted in some time. My appologies to those of you that check regularly. I am going to post from all the events that I missed since my last entry when I return home next week and I will also go back and add pictures from the posts this week (I have no internet connection here)

I have just arrived in Kabba, Nigeria. It is about 1 am here and I have petty severe jet lag. The jouney here was an exhausting and dangeous one. The adventure began when I missed my flight out of the USA. On our way to the airport a car flipped over right in front of us. The Lord blessed me by helping me get another flight out the same day with a different airline and it allowed my to make my connecting flights (but just barely). I made it to London, then to Lagos and then we were sitting on the plane to leave for Abuja when they shut it down and cancelled it due to technical issues. Two hours later we finally got another flight out. When we arived in Abuja, we began (what was supposed to be) a three hour road journey. But soon we were stuck in traffic due to a deadly accident. A truck carrying passangers and goats had been swiped by another vehicle, lost control and flipped over the side railing into a muddy marsh below. People sitting atop the bus were crushed by it. The people in the bus were alive at first, but upside down in the mud…soon many suffocated. There were ten dead (human) bodies and a pile of dead goats…it was a terrible tragedy. But there on the scene of the accident, Reinhard Bonnke was able lead a crowd of people (onlookers) to Christ.

After we got moving again we went to see the Governor, and the King and finnaly arrived here (12 hours later).

That is the short version. Actually there is a lot more to say, but I will save it. Tomorrow the "Great Gospel Crusade" begins here in Kabba. Please pray for a great harvest of souls and a release of the miraculous.

More to come…

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