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Dear Missions Partners,

Despite the fact that tonight marks the completion of our 406th Gospel Crusade I saw a couple things tonight that I’ve never seen before. First of all, the crowd was so dense that there was enormous heat coming off the people – so much so that some began to faint. This is not new however; we’ve seen this before. What was new was the solution the local authorities had for the problem. They brought in fire engines and began to douse the crowd with water cannons to cool them off! All throughout my preaching 50-60 foot tall jets of water moved around the crowd spraying the people (quite ironic considering we have been praying all week that it wouldn’t rain). There’s never a dull moment.

Because of the incredible density of the crowd, especially near the platform, we were unable to bring people forward to give their testimonies of healing. Still, when I asked for a show of hands from those who had experienced a miracle, it was thousands. But the greatest miracle of all was the multitudes that were born again tonight, making a life changing decision to follow Jesus.

This afternoon, Peter van den Berg and I were invited to visit with the King of the Ashante Kingdom (which was the largest African Kingdom in history, spanning over several countries at one point). The King told me he had heard reports of what was happening at the crusade and asked if I would pray for him. I had a chance to pray with him, his top deputies and his 104-year-old mother.

The pastors sitting on the platform were the top bishops and apostles of the region. They are distinguished men and women – highly educated and greatly respected throughout Ghana. They told me that they have never seen an event like this before. They also commented over and over that they were very blessed by the messages and the purity of the Gospel that was preached. This is what we set out to accomplish. We don’t just want to have a few miracles and big crowds; we are here to preach the clear Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit.

All in all we saw 1,060,000 attend this week’s Gospel Crusade. The city has been absolutely rocked and I’m sure that generations to come will be impacted by what Jesus has done here this week.

Being the last crusade of the year, on behalf of the whole CfaN family, I want to wish you and yours an early Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season. May your home be filled with the wonder of God’s love expressed in the ultimate gift of Jesus Christ.

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

Together with Reinhard Bonnke, Peter van den Berg and the whole CfaN team






Pictures by O. Volyk

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    Am very greatful to all mighty GOD for His lovely blessings He poured on the whole continet of AFRICA through His servant Evangelist Daniel Kolenda.
    I pray that may God uphold Evangelist Kolenda till end.

  • Zalisha Joseph

    God is truly working in an awsome way thru you guys, I had the opportunity to attend the Orlando conference last year it was an incredible experience feeling the presence and power of our mighty God .

  • Gator Reinhard Elorm

    I was there watched Daniel Kolenda preach and God visited his people

  • gabriel nyame

    we thank you Evg. Kolenda and your team its our prayer we meet to share the common grace n favour of our lord jesus christ

  • Barb

    Glory to God in the highest! Glory to God in the highest! Let His name be exalted above all names! Let healing and salvation spread all over the world–and my little town!

  • Kamal Maddala

    More harvest for Jesus Christ! More grace for Evangelist, Kolenda.

  • goodness

    wow we thank God. kash this is powerful

  • Ally Rose

    Beautifully written news letter and a wonderful account of an amazing week. Despite the painful storys that are coming out of that great contanent its wonderful mto here storys of joy and hope. Only Jesus could put on an a great event like the Ghana crusade. Im sure the fruit from this will have eternal consequences! Glory to God! Praise God for His power and compassion! Love in Jesus, Ally

  • Alfred

    I attended all the four days. It was an awesome moment. I liked the message, expecialy how evangelist Kolenda uses stories to explainthe word of God.

  • Richard Betancourt

    Praise the Lord!!! What a powerful end to a power pact 4 day proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. May 2015 be even a greater year for Evan. Kolenda, Evan. Bonnke, and all that make up the CFAN ministry team. May the doors open even greater for the Gospel Message to go froward with power and glory.We are in great expectation for what the Lord will be doing through CFAN in 2015.

  • sarfo Ebenezer .

    pastor I want be like you and preach the world of God. And also where can I find your recorded preaching. I need the favour of God and i am saved. Thank you psstor for showing me the way to salvation and I like your stories so much. thank you

  • Toni Bishop Lang

    Praise God!!! These are breath taking miraculous moments captured here. A most Blessied CHRISTmas to you and yours Daniel. the Lord smiles upon you and Peter.

  • Julius

    blessing to hear from my teachers God bless you for Great work

  • Kym

    Praise God! Wonderful!

  • Jill Boyes


  • Vicki

    Evangelist Daniel, I am so thankful for the glory of God being displayed through the C.F.AN. Ministry. What a mighty God we serve. Praying that Evangelist Bonke as well as you and yours will have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas Celebration.

  • Apenuwa

    I want to join your crusade team

  • Christopher Komagum

    I take this time to thank God for the mighty Harvest , miracles and healings that took place in Kumasi, Ghana. May his name be exalted above all names. I also take this opportunity thank the CFaN team for the continued endeavor to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in The African Continent. Particularly , i would to extend my heartfelt greetings to my spiritual Father Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, I got saved from HIS Crusade when he came to Uganda and Since then , My life has never been the same again. God bless you

  • Kuffuor Godfred

    Evangelist I will never pray for God to bless u because u are a fountain of blessing already. Onething I will pray for u is that God should see u through to very end of ur ministry. No weapon fashioned against u shall prosper. I pray that God add to u all the things written in 2 Peter 1 vs 5 to 9. Never will anything draw u down in the name of Jesus. U will always be an example to other preachers.
    Finally I pray that God should enlighten the eyes of ur heart even better. Cos I know its already enlightened but I pray that it should be better. And God should fill u mightly with His power that rose Jesus from the dead and seated Him at the right hand side of God. May God fill u with the greatest power and weapon in our time “LOVE”. Love that surpasses knowledge.
    Oh Lord please let me add this may u receive the excellent Spirit of Daniel.

    How I wish I could be following you to all those outreachs only to hear ur wonderful salvation Bible messages and stories. I will also use ur wonderful stories in preaching Christ to the unsaved.


  • Emerson Vianna

    Esse que eh Deus
    Que ele continue te usando e construindo o caminho e o Reino dele em vc Daniel
    vc eh um homen de Deus,qero soh um pouco desse manto qe vc tem. shalon!

  • Emmanuel

    We give God all the glory. Amen for His faithfulness

  • Raynell


  • Paul Bovolos

    Praising God for this Ministry,

    I am so glad that God has found in you the quality of heart and commitment needed to continue with the MInistry of CfaN.

    Big hug and blessings,


  • Avery

    Thanks for keeping me informed of all the good things God is doing. It encourages my spirit and I always look forward to them.

  • Portia

    Have an extraordinary merry christmas Evangelist Kolenda! May God continue to bless you and your family! I pray I get a job real soon so I can donate to your ministry. In the mean time i’ll continue praying for you all. God bless!

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