(…CONTINUED FROM YESTERDAY) One man told me recently, “I consider myself a ‘Chari-skeptic’.” He apparently took great pride in his unbelief – two sins for the price of one. I know people who [...]

Are You Limiting God?

Unbelief often infiltrates our hearts in the most covert ways. Sometimes we don’t even realize that it’s there. It is good from time to time to take stock of our own belief system to see what is [...]


I'm so sorry that I only came across this after the event was already over, but I still think this video is worth seeing just for the wake up call. Also, I have posted a report from the event [...]

Healing for You…Now!

This is a teaching that was posted by Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke a couple of days ago on his Facebook Fan Page. I thought it was powerful and worth re-posting. Also, if you are not already one of [...]

Nice View!

I have just arrived in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, where we are working hard to make preparations for our Crusade in September. I can see beautiful Copacabana Beach from my hotel...it is a perfect [...]

A Great Resource for Bible Study

This is a great resource for Bible study... for a sample of how it works, click on the link above to take you to the BibleMap.org website, then select "Joshua 12" and then click on one of the [...]

Saved to Serve

“If I were to save your life, what would you do?” This was the question that Cyrus, the King of Persia asked to a rebel chieftain named Cagular whom he had captured and was about to execute. [...]

Hearing God in the Wilderness (Part 1)

Life is difficult for many people right now. Economic crisis, family problems, health issues or any other combination of difficulties have brought many to a place of frustration and [...]

A Death in the Family

Yesterday my Father-in-Law had to put down the family pet. Daisy was a cute little silky haired terrier that was 15 years old. In dog years that would make her…um…really old! Her poor little body [...]