Miracles – Boy Raised From The Dead

The Lord performed an extraordinary miracle during the Gospel Campaign in Sapele. Usually, these testimonies occur during the meetings on the field or platform. But this one took place on […]


Eric Gilmour and I¬†discuss the true meaning of worship and how it differs from common modern concepts. “We should never let the means of worship eclipse the object of worship.” […]

Live Like A Rocket

Using a powerful metaphor I¬†describe how to view one’s life in light of eternity. What you push forward with your life is what will make it count. If this is […]

Deaf and Dumb Boy Healed!

This little boy had never heard or spoke since he was born. His life was very difficult and his parent were worried about his future…until Jesus touched him. In November […]

Pride and Plagiarism

If pride is so evil, why does it seem to be acceptable for God. Listen to some of the things God says about Himself: “To whom will you compare me […]

But, I Don’t Have Time to Pray

  Everybody loves to sing, ‘I love His presence.’ But I’ll tell you who really loves His presence: the person who spends time with Jesus. Your calendar testifies more truly [...]