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Dear Mission-Partners,

Our Gospel Crusade in Delta State/Nigeria, an obscure little place called ISOKOLAND, began tonight. 85,000 people showed up this very first meeting and God’s power of mercy and love exploded gloriously. A huge number of people received Jesus as their Savior! And then the miracles of healing followed. Look at the picture of the young man whose sister was delivered from madness of mind.

The cripples walked and blind eyes saw. We ought to have a blazing neon sign in every church with the words: “THIS SAME JESUS”. The Jesus we point to is the Jesus of saving grace, miracle power and healing mercy. What He was in the past He still is today. What He did in days gone by He still does in our day. When we preach Jesus as He is, He reveals Himself in confirmation of what is said.

We continue tomorrow. Please pray for us. It all looks as if this Crusade is going to shake everything this area has ever heard or seen.

Yours forever in Jesus,
Evangelists Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda,
together with the whole CfaN Team.

Pictures by Oleksandr Volyk

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