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Takum is being shaken by the Gospel this week.  Tonight many people brought their juju, idols and witchcraft fetishes to be burned, including a group of Fulani Muslim people that greeted me when I came down from the platform.  After they received Jesus as their Savior tonight, they immediately pulled off the old charms that they were wearing and threw them into the barrels for burning.  Their faces, covered in tribal markings and tattoos, were beaming with the love of Jesus.

We heard some wonderful testimonies of healing, including one from a mother who pulled her daughter out of the local hospital and brought her to the meeting tonight.  The girl was suffering with an extreme case of typhoid fever and the doctors were trying to treat her with no success. But the mother felt that if she could only bring the girl to the crusade she would be healed. Indeed she received a total and complete healing tonight!

Another fascinating story came from a woman who had been paralyzed for the past two years. In the middle of the night (last night), she was sleeping on the crusade ground, when suddenly she felt the Holy Spirit come over her like a breeze.  She jumped up and suddenly realized that she was totally well (see phote on left).

This morning was also the start of the Fire Conference here and it was very well attended.  It is clear that the people have come to receive (see the attached picture).

Thank you for your continued love and prayers.

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  • David

    Hi Daniel

    You and Reinhard Bonnke inspire me. i have a call of God to be an evangelist.

  • James Ijiwade

    This is a very great crusade. God will continue to bless you. I wish you good health, God’s protection, blessings and Journey mercies as you travel all around the world.

    I want to experience God’s touch upon my life. I want to be filled with the power of the Holy Ghost. Please I want to know when you will visit us in Auchi, Edo State, Nigeria. I would have come to the venue of the crusade but its very far from where I am.

  • Ross

    Daniel, one day ask the Lord to let me meet with you and perhaps work together. I need help and friendship with an evangelist like you, because I am also so named. If you’d like to know more about me, you can write to me will be an honor. My email is
    God continues to use you Daniel.

  • Ross

    Glory to God, Daniel for what my eyes see, I am deeply convinced that the Holy Spirit rejoices in being able to manifest the presence and the glory of Jesus in the midst of this immense crowd. Our and his desire and save, heal and release souls from the bondage of Satan. Daniel and Reinhard, keep it up and God bless your life and your ministry team. People are hungry for God and wants to see him move in power. Gloria High.

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