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Was Jesus Christ boring? He was national news! When Pilate handed Christ over to a death squad, it wasn’t for spreading gloom and hopelessness. He was too dangerously fascinating, created too much excitement. “All the world has gone out after Him,” (John 12:19) said His jealous enemies. “The common people heard Him gladly.”(Mark 12:37). Police came to capture Him but were captivated by Him. They explained, “Nobody ever talked like this Man.” (John 7:46) Jesus? If it’s HIM who saves, all He does is wonderful. He came to bless, not to disfigure. He left no trail of depression, no holier-than-thou humbug. Despite cynics: people who turn to Him are a lot better off than those who don’t. That’s not debatable. It is obvious, unless we keep our eyes shut. Open your eyes please – and your heart.

~By Reinhard Bonnke

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