In Crusade Photos, Posted from Freetown Sierra Leone

Day 5 of the Christ for all Nations Great Gospel Campaign in Freetown, Sierra Leone, April 2012

Dear Mission Partners,

The final meeting of our Gospel Campaign here in Freetown, Sierra Leone has just come to a close and we are rejoicing.  The stadium bleachers were packed tonight and the stadium workers were forced to open the gates so thousands could overflow onto the grass (which they originally told us they were unwilling to do). 

I spoke about the resurrection of Jesus and it’s unparalleled significance.  “And if Christ be not raised” Paul said, “your faith is vain and you are yet in your sins.” (I Cor. 15:17)  Without the resurrection the crucifixion would have been just an execution.  But the good news is this, “Now is Christ risen from the dead and become the first fruits of them that slept.”  Miracles, salvations, healings, and deliverances like the ones that took place tonight bear witness to this wonderful reality – that He is risen indeed!

  • A woman who was partially blind in both eyes received her sight tonight
  • A woman who was bent sideways for years suddenly straightened upright and can now walk normally.
  • A woman whose womb was swollen and painful with cancer said that during the prayer she felt a warmth come over her body and the swelling and pain vanished.
  • A man with a paralyzed arm and leg was restored.

We are praising the Lord for the mighty harvest here this week and so thankful that we have been given the open door to proclaim the Gospel.

Please also allow me to mention a serious need that we are facing right now.  Our equipment needs to be shipped to East Africa for our next crusade (in Uganda), but we need to pay $70,000 before it can leave the port.  If it cannot leave within the next few days it will not arrive in time for the campaign.  Please help us with this urgent need and may the Lord bless you.  A link is provided here for your convenience if you would like to give online (

Thank you again for standing with us in the harvest.  May God bless you richly.

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
Together with Reinhard Bonnke and the whole CfaN team


He is Risen Indeed!


A women blind in both eyes rejoices after being completely healed!



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  • Leon

    How precious to belong to christ

  • Salvation

    Oh! Thank You Lord Jesus.
    I from South Africa and Im so inspired by these miriculous amazing miracles may this FIRE Burn and not Stop! I also Pray dat it must not stop burning inside my HEART!

    Thank you Lord Jesus!!!!!!!

  • Cheris Allard

    I am deeply moved in my spirit man of God.

  • G.E.Gnanesh.

    Absolutely pastor jesus is still alive to do mighty signs and wonders that would happened in the old apostle days..i will pray for


    to reap a good harvest in africa..praise jesus.

  • daisy Nwachukwu

    Dear Daniel, I am a 32 yr old Nigerian here in Dallas Texas who was diagnosed with a brain tumor 5 days ago, it’s a burden to me more so because I am in the medical field, but I plead you pls pray with me for complete healing from this mass even now that I am pregnant. Pls email me back when you can.

  • Kai Dauda

    God bless you man of God may he continue to use you

  • Tamryn Klintworth

    This is so wonderful! We are praying for you here in South Africa, go CfaN go!

  • Geoff Waugh
    Viral evangelism!
    This kind of web page is brilliant – testimonies – photos – link to support. Thanks.
    I suggest you add Share on Facebook / MySpace etc.

  • ericgilmour

    Wow. Jesus is amazing! You inspire me.

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