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Last night was the final night of the Apostolic Faith Mission’s Centennial Celebration. It has been exactly 100 years since John G. Lake came to Africa, bringing with him an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that shook South Africa. Through that outpouring a new fellowship was born that we now know as the A.F.M. I was invited to share for a few minutes before Evangelist Bonnke preached a powerful Holy Ghost message, and the fire fell on the crowd gathered to remember how the fire fell 100 years ago. It is still as new and as fresh as it was on the Day of Pentecost! One highlight of the service for me was meeting the grandson of John G. Lake. He prayed for me and asked that the Lord would release the same healing power in my ministry that flowed in the ministry of his grandfather…John G. Lake. I receive it! I believe we are on the cusp of another healing movement that will cause the healing movement of the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s to pale by comparison. Get ready.

This morning we left Johannesburg early to fly to Durban where I preached in the Sunday morning service of Durban Christian Center, the church of Pastor Fred Roberts. It was filled to capacity with about 6,000 people hungry for the word of God. Many people were saved, and many responded to the message to answer the call of God. Tonight Evangelist Bonnke preached on the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, and many were filled and healed. Tomorrow we leave on our way to China where we will be holding a Fire Conference. Please continue to pray for us as we go. More to come…

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