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Nearly 5,000 New Converts in ONE Church – Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania – Day 4

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Aug 25, 2013  /     Crusade Photos, Posted from Tanzania  /     4 Comments

Tonight our Gospel Campaign came to a climax here in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. It has been an amazing week – the name of Jesus has been glorified, the sick have been healed, demons have been cast out, curses have been broken and thousands have been born again. Praise the Lord!

This being Sunday, the participating churches have already gotten a taste of the fruit from this week. Pastors told us that their churches were overflowing with new converts today – in fact one of the pastors just told me that he had over 4,900 converts in his church alone this morning! Although the campaign has ended, the work is just beginning for the body of Christ here in Dar Es Salaam that will be following up and discipline these new converts. What a joy to work in these ripe harvest fields of the world. (…Continued)

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A Snake Spit in Her Eye! – Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania – Day 3

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Aug 24, 2013  /     Crusade Photos, Posted from Tanzania  /     8 Comments

We are rejoicing tonight. So many wonderful miracles and salvations – heaven is kissing earth here in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. A woman told us that many years ago a black snake had spit into her eye. It became swollen and soon went blind. Tonight she received her sight. Another woman, deaf in the left ear for more than 20 years said that she had a sensation as though something coming out of her ear during the prayer. She asked her friend to speak into the ear and was amazed to discover she could hear perfectly! Another woman, paralyzed on the right side, was healed as well as a little boy who was in the hospital yesterday and received his healing in the hospital as they listened to the live meeting broadcast over the radio! Jesus is so amazing. There is no limit to His power or His love. (…Continued)

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Unprecedented Church Unity – Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania – Day 2

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Aug 23, 2013  /     Crusade Photos, Posted from Tanzania  /     5 Comments

We are rejoicing again tonight with thousands that found salvation and freedom here in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. I preached a very strong message of repentance and told the people that it’s not enough just to pray a prayer – following Jesus means that your life must change. I could almost feel the conviction falling on many people as the Holy Spirit took over and drew them to Jesus. I love to preach the simple Gospel. It is truly the power of God unto salvation.

One of the local pastors told me tonight that this campaign has had an unexpected side effect. He told me that the churches of many different denominations and backgrounds are working together in a way that is unprecedented. He thanked us for this blessing – I pass his gratitude along to you. (…Continued)

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Extraordinary Days! – Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania – Day 1

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Aug 22, 2013  /     Crusade Photos, Posted from Tanzania  /     10 Comments

The first night of our Gospel Campaign here in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania has just come to a close. This morning, as Rev. Peter van den Berg and I preached to the delegates in the Fire Conference, it started to rain. I wondered how the people would respond to such an inconvenience. But rather than running away, they simply held their plastic chairs over their heads as umbrellas and continued listening! This is one of the many reasons I love Africa. The people are hungry for God and for His Word. I am sure that they are going to be mightily blessed this week.

Tonight, I preached on the Blood of Jesus and there was an overwhelming response to the message. Demons were cast out, curses broken, diseases and infirmities healed, but best of all, many thousands received Jesus Christ and made Him Lord of their lives. (…Continued)

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