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The Opportunity of a Lifetime – Zaki-Biam, Nigeria – Day 5

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Oct 09, 2011  /     Crusade Photos, Posted from Zaki Biam Nigeria  /     1 Comment

Tonight the Gospel Campaign here in Zaki-Biam came to a conclusion. Rain poured down, lightning flashed and thunder rolled with fury, but the people were not deterred (see the attached pictures). We are all so touched by the passion and tenacity of these precious people who simply will not be put off. They were determined to press thorough for their blessing and I believe the Lord will reward their hunger. Once again, the Gospel rang out loud and clear and was confirmed with signs and wonders. We are preparing now to leave this place knowing in our hearts that Zaki-Biam will never be the same again. (…Continued)

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The Outpouring Continues – Zaki-Biam, Nigeria – Day 4

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Oct 08, 2011  /     Crusade Photos, Posted from Zaki Biam Nigeria  /     0 Comment

This morning was the final day of the Fire Conference and what a glorious climax it was (see the attached picture). Rev. Peter van den Berg and I preached, but before we could pray for the Holy Spirit to fall, it happened spontaneously! The Holy Spirit needs no prodding or coaxing – He is more eager to fill us than we are to be filled! I feel as though we are in the midst of a sovereign and historic outpouring of the Holy Spirit that continues from city to city as we travel throughout Africa. It is a revival that is not confined to one church building or a city, but like a tidal wave, it flows over every border and barrier. (…Continued)

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A Gospel Demonstration – Zaki-Biam, Nigeria – Day 3

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Oct 07, 2011  /     Crusade Photos, Posted from Zaki Biam Nigeria  /     0 Comment

This morning the rain poured down on the Fire Conference (see the attached picture). Rev Peter van den Berg and I preached under umbrellas and had to cut the meeting short, but the Holy Spirit was there in a powerful way. In fact a blind woman was miraculously healed during that short, rained out meeting.

She testified tonight that the doctors had given her up saying that her blindness was a hopeless case so she sought out an alternative remedy with the local witchdoctor. The witchdoctor told her that his “treatment” would cost 17,000 Nira, but her aunt, who was one of the Fire Conference delegates, asked her to come to the meeting this morning and receive her healing from Jesus instead. (… Continued)

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Showers of Blessing – Zaki-Biam, Nigeria – Day 2

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Oct 06, 2011  /     Crusade Photos, Posted from Zaki Biam Nigeria  /     0 Comment

Tonight we were soaked – both with natural rain and with showers of blessing! In spite of the weather, the Gospel was preached and the sick were healed. One of the notable miracles that we heard about was of a mad woman who was delivered. Her mother said they used to restrain her with ropes, but now the chains on her brain have been broken and she is totally well! (…Continued)

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The Uttermost Parts of the Earth – Zaki-Biam, Nigeria – Day 1

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Oct 05, 2011  /     Crusade Photos, Posted from Zaki Biam Nigeria  /     0 Comment

Greetings from Zaki-Biam, in Benue State, Nigeria, West Africa, where the first night of our Gospel campaign has just come to a close. Zaki-Biam is a very remote village. It is exotic and beautiful with a very distinct tribal culture. Have a look at the attached picture of the typcial thatched roof mud huts that dot the wild landscape. When Jesus said, “…to the uttermost parts of the earth.” I think he must have had Zaki-Biam in mind. Yet, in this remote place, tens of thousands attended the opening meeting tonight with eager enthusiasm. (…Continued)

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