On September 26th, 2022, Christ for All Nations (CfaN) completed five simultaneous mass-evangelism crusades in cities across the African nation of Zambia. The herculean effort resulted in 635,522 documented decisions to follow Christ in the cities of Lusaka, Kabwe, Kasama, Kitwe, and Solwezi. And it’s been reported that testimonies of miraculous encounters with the Holy Spirit are continuing to come in.

Some highlights include the miraculous healing of a 7-year-old boy who was paralyzed in an accident and had to be carried onto the crusade grounds in Lusaka was completely healed, so not only could he walk properly, but he danced in celebration on the platform. In Solwezi, a report came through that God restored the vision of a 9-year-old boy who’d been blind since the age of 3! And in the city of Kabwe, Jesus healed a woman from HIV. The 23-year-old young lady had been HIV Positive since birth. She received prayer at the Wednesday meeting and medical professionals tested her for the disease on Thursday, and the results returned HIV negative!

That CfaN can now reach so many people in a single week is a testimony to the Decade of Double Harvest strategy CfaN President and Lead Evangelist Daniel Kolenda began pursuing in 2017. The vision is to see 150 million salvations in the next 10 years, which calls for thousands of evangelists to be trained, empowered, and released onto the mission field through CfaN’s evangelism training programs around the world.

Evangelist Kolenda noted, “What has just happened here in Zambia is nothing short of historic and miraculous. In one week, we conducted 25 nights of crusades! I’m talking about massive Gospel Crusades in 5 different cities across the nation simultaneously. This is miraculous, not only for the feat of logistics and engineering that it was — but also for the fact that it was executed by a team trained and mobilized entirely through the Christ for all Nations Evangelism Bootcamp.”

He goes on to mention, “Not only are these graduates fully capable in their own right, but because of their training, they are unified to a degree that is unprecedented. They maneuver like a military operation, but love one another like a big family. They all have the same heart. They all preach the same Gospel. They all know how to heal the sick and cast out demons. They all working together for the same outcomes in a highly strategic and coordinated way. One evangelist will organize a crusade for his fellow grad and then they will reverse roles! In addition to their collaboration with CfaN, they also team up and conduct their own independent crusades and campaigns all over the world. We are seeing crusades happening somewhere in the world every week (sometimes multiple crusades per week).”

Evangelist Dr. Roselyne Aaron is a Nigerian evangelist who graduated from the CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp and was one of the evangelists during this “Operation Decapolis”; speaks fondly of her training under Evangelist Kolenda, saying, “God is raising a new generation of Holy Spirit evangelists through the life and ministry of Evangelist Daniel Kolenda. I am so thankful and greatly blessed to have been trained by Daniel at the CfaN Bootcamp. My life is forever changed!”.

On the third night of the crusade, Ev. Roselyne was preaching in Kitwe and reported, “I prayed in Jesus’ name, and curses were broken over the city of Kitwe and over the lives of the people. Sicknesses were broken from the lives of God’s people, and miracles began taking place across the field. As I was praying for the sick, an explosion of crutches and walkers went up in the air.”

This is truly a great time to be alive in the harvest field.

To learn more about CfaN and the ministry of Daniel Kolenda, visit www.cfan.org.

SOURCE: Christ for All Nations

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