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BOUAKE, Ivory Coast, Feb. 10, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ — Evangelist Daniel Kolenda of Christ for all Nations (CfaN), together with Peter van den Berg, recently completed a four-day crusade in Bouaké, Ivory Coast. On the first day of the crusade, Evangelist Kolenda commented that he had already “fallen in love with Bouaké.”

The country is about 40% Muslim and only around 30% are Christian. There are numerous animists and followers of ancient cults, but the ministry remained expectant that the Ivory Coast would be saved.

The crusade was a huge triumph for the Kingdom of God. By the second night of the crusade, the crowd had more than doubled. Not only did many people surrender their lives to Christ in Bouaké, but there were also many people healed. A miraculous testimony was presented from a man who attended the first night of the crusade. He had been paralyzed for seven years! Evangelist Kolenda recounted, “As I prayed for the sick, he said he lifted his hand and it began to shake. He didn’t understand what was happening to him and suddenly he collapsed under the power of the Holy Spirit. Then he heard me say that he should get up and walk. He tried to move his leg and realized it felt very ‘light.’ He tried the other leg and it was also moving. He stood to his feet and began to walk for the first time in seven years!”

In addition to the paralyzed man’s miracle, countless other people experienced healing as well. A woman who was born deaf and mute could both hear and speak, a mad man came to his right mind, and a woman who was experiencing kidney failure reported that her kidneys were healed as confirmed by her physician.

Similar to the many victories of the crusade itself, the Fire Conference, which was held for the pastors and church leaders of the surrounding area, was also a huge success. Close to 10,000 delegates attended the Fire Conference. On the final morning of the conference, there was a prayer for the local pastors and church leaders to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Evangelist Kolenda commented after the conference, “I believe a spark of revival has been lit here in Bouaké, Ivory Coast, that will continue with the local Body of Christ long after we’ve gone.”