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A Historic Meeting – Maseru, Lesotho

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Jan 26, 2014  /     Crusade Photos, Posted from Lesotho  /     15 Comments

This has been a very special and historic day here in the national stadium in Maseru, Lesotho. Those of you who are familiar with CfaN’s history will immediately recognize the name of this small country, landlocked by South Africa, as the one where Evangelist Bonnke began his ministry in Africa as a young evangelist with a small family, fresh from Germany. This is where he received the vision of a “blood washed Africa” and where he heard the Holy Spirit cry, “Africa shall be saved.” This tiny nation, with less than 2-million inhabitants, has played such an important role in the history of CfaN and for this reason it holds a special place in our hearts.

Our host for the Campaign was an amazing man by the name of Michael Kolisang. He was Evangelist Bonnke’s first convert here in Lesotho. He received Christ as a young man on a street corner where Evangelist Bonnke was playing the accordion and preaching. Evangelist Bonnke told him that day, “I see the hand of God upon your life.” Today Michael Kolisang is one of the top bishops in the whole country and a spiritual father in the nation. His churches are exploding with growth. When I arrived yesterday, he took me straight from the airport to a“ground-breaking” ceremony for another new church they are building. It’s amazing to see how God has blessed. (…Continued)

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The Decision Card Count is In: Yaoundé Cameroon

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Jan 21, 2014  /     Articles, Crusade Photos, Posted from Yaounde Cameroon  /     0 Comment

The count of returned decision cards from Yaoundé Cameroon is in: 363,940 people responded to the Gospel receiving Jesus Christ as Savior over the four days of meetings! Praise the Lord! They have now been entered into the follow up system where local churches are actively working to disciple them and make disciples. Thank you for your prayers and gifts that made this possible!

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