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Gospel Forum Stuttgart

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Oct 07, 2012  /     Posted from Stuttgart Germany  /     2 Comments

Today I ministered at Pastor Peter Wenz’ church in Stuttgart – Gospel Forum. In both services there was a wonderful sense of the Lord’s presence. In the second service many people were healed…so many they crowded the platform (have a look at the attached picture). The Lord also gave me a very special prophetic word for the church and I can see that remarkable days are coming for Gospel Forum and for the nation. Germany’s best days are still to come. Germany shall be saved!

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Holy Spirit Night – Porsche Arena – Stuttgart, Germany

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Oct 06, 2012  /     Crusade Photos, Posted from Stuttgart Germany  /     1 Comment

One of Germany’s greatest churches is Gospel Forum, pastored by Peter Wenz. Many years ago, a small handful of believers from this church started holding “Holy Spirit Night” a couple times every year. Today these meetings have grown to some of the largest Christian gatherings in the nation.

They usually don’t invite guest ministers, but this year, expecting the largest crowd ever, they took the Porsche Arena in Stuttgart and invited me to minister along with Pastor Peter Wenz and his son Marcus.

The venue was packed to capacity with more than 6,000 young people and hundreds more were turned away. In the final meeting, after I preached the Gospel, I was told that the authorities would not allow those responding to the altar call to come down to the front, so we sent them out the exits to another area behind the stadium. I thought that the complicated situation would discourage people from answering the call for salvation, but the response was astounding! Overwhelming actually! Well over 1,000 people wanted to receive Jesus. Needless to say, the altar workers were very busy. But the team from Gospel Forum was wonderful and handled everything with class. They are a credit to the Kingdom of God and I am glad to call them my friends!

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