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Welcome to the Jungle

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Jul 06, 2008  /     Uncategorized  /     0 Comment

When I say that we go to difficult and remote places, it is no exaggeration. This past Tuesday I began my journey to the Brazilian Amazon jungle. 32 hours and 11 flights later, we are here! This morning when I woke up, I was greeted by a tropical paradise. From my window I can see a huge tributary of the Amazon river that winds its way through the landscape like a python. It is a beautiful land, but also very poor. I am told that it is one of the most poverty stricken areas of Brazil. The people are poor but very hungry for God.

Tonight I will preach in the largest venue available…the local stadium. I will preach a classic Gospel message and then pray for the sick. I am anticipating the miraculous to break out like a pent up geyser and for age old principalities of the air to receive the news…their reign of terror has come to an end, because Jesus is Lord!

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