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Tonight, Rebekah ministered to the women at Transforming Life Ministries in Plant City where she was invited to speak at their Mothers Day banquet. It was a wonderful message about trusting the Lord our provider…Jehovah Jireh. She spoke about Job trusting the Lord, even in sickness and loss. She spoke about Ruth trusting the Lord and remaining faithful to Naomi and about how the Lord provided for the city of Samaria when they were besieged by the Syrians in II Kings 6. Often, when people hear about the Lord being our provider, their mind immediately goes to finaces, but she talked about how the Lord provides for us in many ways; financially, emotionally, in health and comfort, etc. She talked about the loneliness that she sometimes experiances when I travel a lot but even in that loneliness Jehovah Jireh provides comfort and friendship for her. I am so thankful to have such a godly and wise woman by my side.

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