ORLANDO, Jan. 25, 2021 /Christian Newswire/ — Christ for All Nations (CfaN) is celebrating the 40th anniversary of Vice President, Peter Vandenberg, joining the team. Born and raised in Zimbabwe and trained in both engineering and ministry, Peter joined CfaN in 1981 after a chance encounter with the founder, Reinhard Bonnke. Peter was so moved by the then young evangelist, that he called him up to ask if there was any way he could serve the fledgling outfit. Evangelist Bonnke said they’d be thrilled to have him, but the only opening available was as a mechanic, overseeing repairs of the trucks that carried the stage and equipment across Africa from one event to the next. Reinhard assumed the position would be too modest for Vandenberg, who had spent the decade before, first, running a family business and, later, in exciting full-time ministry roles. But Peter knew he had heard from God. To Reinhard’s surprise, Peter jumped at the opportunity to fix trucks for CfaN. It was definitely a Spirit-inspired move. Over the next few years his vocational and scriptural training, his wealth of experience, skills in organization, easy manner, and complete commitment to spreading the Gospel would advance him to the number two position in the organization – overseeing nearly every aspect of the Great Gospel Campaign operations.

As Evangelist Bonnke transitioned out of full-time ministry, handing the reigns of CfaN over to his protégé, Daniel Kolenda, Peter Vandenberg served as a vital link from one generation to the next. Because he was there in the earliest days of the ministry, he still acts as the ministry’s “living memory:” a repository of stories, testimonies, and lessons that imbue the everyday operational work of the organization with an all-important sense of legacy. In addition, Peter has always led the charge to innovate, both technologically and ministerially, and he continues to breathe fresh vision into CfaN’s culture and methods. It is through this unique and invaluable combination of qualities that Peter has forever shaped Christ for All Nations, and through it, the more than 80-million souls who have come to know Christ during his tenure.

In addition to his key-leadership role with CfaN, Peter is a dynamic public speaker, a talented author, a dedicated husband, father, grandfather, and an extreme sports enthusiast. In his entertaining and inspiring autobiographical book, Into the Unknown, Peter shares from the numerous exploits that he’s undertaken with God: hostile confrontations, treacherous travel, hang-gliding mishaps… His life story reads like an adventure novel – and every word of it true!

To learn more about Peter Vandenberg, visit the About Us section of cfan.org or pick up a copy of his book, Into the Unknown from the CfaN bookstore. Read, his latest article published in IMPACT MAGAZINE.

SOURCE Christ for All Nations (CfaN)