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Mohammed Confesses Jesus is the Son of God!

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Dec 31, 2014  /     #AfricaShallBeSaved, #GospelCrusade, Crusade, Ghana  /     11 Comments

This raw video (below) filmed at one of our Christ for all Nations Gospel Campaign in November of 2013 has since gone viral on several websites. A man who had been deaf for almost two years had just arrived in town from another city by train and had unwittingly ventured into the city center (Independence square […]

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The Message of the Magi – Part 3: The Magi’s Gifts

By Daniel Kolenda  /     Dec 25, 2014  /     Articles, Devotional, Teachings  /     8 Comments

The Bible actually doesn’t tell us how many of these Magi came to see Jesus. Tradition has told us there were three, but this is an assumption based on the fact that they brought three gifts gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Whether they realized the significance of these gifts is not clear. But in hindsight we see they contained tremendous prophetic meaning.

Gold is a gift given to Kings. The wise men had come asking, “Where is he that is bornking of the Jews…” The Magi recognized Christ as a King. Matthew, in the previous chapter, had established Christ’s right to the throne by tracing his lineage through David and Abraham. In fact, one of the objectives of Matthew’s Gospel was to present Christ as King. This is probably a very substantial part of the reason Matthew mentions the magi when the other Gospel writers had not done so. The wise men acknowledged that Jesus was born “King of the Jews.” He was born a king He needed no earthly king to crown him. Heaven had crowned him already.

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The Message of the Magi – Part 2: The Mysterious Star

By Daniel Kolenda  /     Dec 24, 2014  /     Articles, Devotional, Teachings  /     6 Comments

Many theories have been suggested as to what the Magi might have actually seen in the sky over Israel. Some have speculated that it might have been a concurrence of bright stars, a comet or a supernova. But all of these explanations based on natural phenomena fall short in my opinion.

First, if it had been a natural star it would have had to defy the laws of physics (stars usually travel across the sky from east to west. But the “star” the Magi saw led them from Jerusalem to Bethlehem traveling north to south).

Second, it led them to the precise location of a certain individual house, which of course a heavenly body, millions of light years from earth, could not do. There was something very different about this star.

The Scripture doesn’t tell us exactly what is going on here. And since we are left to speculate, I might as well give a theory of my own…

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The Message of the Magi (Part 1)

By Daniel Kolenda  /     Dec 23, 2014  /     Articles, Devotional, Teachings  /     23 Comments

Gentile stargazers suddenly appear to worship a young boy born to Jewish peasants. Where did they come from? How did a star guide them to this special Child? Why would they dare to call Him “King of the Jews,” confirming their praise with extravagant gifts?And what was the significance of those specific gifts? We have become so familiar with the sight of the magi in nativity scenes and Christmas plays, that we forget what strange parts they played in the Christmas story.

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WATCH: Woman Healed of Terminal Throat Cancer! (Video)

By Daniel Kolenda  /     Dec 03, 2014  /     #AfricaShallBeSaved, #GospelCrusade, Cameroon, Crusade, Crusade Photos  /     13 Comments

In December of 2013 more than 750,000 people attended Christ for all Nations’ Gospel Campaign in Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon. It was a week of salvation, deliverance, Holy Spirit outpouring and many extraordinary miracles. At one point a pile of crutches, wheelchairs, braces and other medical aids were piled on the platform – a monument to the power of the name of Jesus. A woman, deaf for 18 years was healed, on the platform, in front of hundreds of thousands of people. There were many other amazing miracles as well! In the video below I want to introduce you to one of the thousands whose life was changed in that campaign.

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Decision Card Count – Kumasi, Ghana

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Nov 18, 2014  /     #AfricaShallBeSaved, #GospelCrusade, Crusade Photos, Decision Card Count, Ghana, Kumasi  /     22 Comments

Dear Mission Partners,

I’ve just received the report from Kumasi that 583,480 decision cards were registered during the crusade! We are rejoicing with Heaven over the many lives that were changed for eternity. Thank you for standing with us in this ongoing harvest of souls.

This being our last Gospel Crusade of the year, let me take this opportunity to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

Together with Reinhard Bonnke, Peter van den Berg and the whole CfaN team

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Over One Million – Over One Week – Kumasi, Ghana – Final Day

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Nov 10, 2014  /     #AfricaShallBeSaved, #GospelCrusade, Crusade, Crusade Photos, Ghana, Kumasi  /     57 Comments

Despite the fact that tonight we concluded the 406th Gospel Crusade I saw a couple things tonight that I’ve never seen before. First of all, the crowd was so dense that there was enormous heat coming off the crowd – so much so that people began to faint. This is not new however; we’ve seen this before. What was new was the solution the local authorities had for the problem. They brought in fire engines and began to douse the crowd with water cannons to cool them off! All throughout my preaching 50-60 foot tall jets of water moved around the crowd spraying the people (quite ironic considering we have been praying all week that it wouldn’t rain). There’s never a dull moment.

Because of the incredible density of the crowd, especially near the platform, we were unable to bring people forward to give their testimonies of healing. Still, when I asked for a show of hands from those who had experienced a miracle, it was thousands. But the greatest miracle of all was the multitudes that were born again tonight, making a life changing decision to follow Jesus.

This afternoon, Peter van den Berg and I were invited to visit with the King of the Ashante Kingdom (which was the largest African Kingdom in history, spanning over several countries at one point). The King told me he had heard reports of what was happening at the crusade and asked if I would pray for him. I had a chance to pray with him, his top deputies and his 104-year-old mother. (continued…)

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Preaching in the Rain – Kumasi, Ghana – Day 3

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Nov 09, 2014  /     #AfricaShallBeSaved, #GospelCrusade, Crusade Photos, Ghana, Kumasi  /     27 Comments

Tonight the crowd grew to over 300,000 people…and not for lack of rain. As the worship was going on it started to pour. I thought the people might run for cover, but instead they lifted their voices and began to pray. After a few seconds, the rain suddenly stopped and the people began to rejoice and praise the Lord. After I started preaching, once again it started to pour. I told the people, “If you will stand in the rain, I will stand here with you.” No one moved. The rain did not distract from the message one bit. Thousands upon thousands as far as the eye could see responded to the altar call. Praise the Lord.

Tonight I also prayed for the people to receive the baptism into the Holy Spirit as we did this morning in the Fire Conference. In the morning Peter van den Berg preached the final message and by the time I got up to pray the people were ready. There was such a powerful outpouring of the spirit in both morning and evening meetings.

Tonight we also heard many wonderful testimonies (…continued)

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