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An Amazing Quote!

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Jan 05, 2012  /     Articles  /  

I just have to share this amazing quote with you from the prolific author, evangelist and pastor F.B. Meyer.  I’d love to hear your thoughts about this one:

“There are four different planes of power – the lowest is the physical, above that is the mental, above that is the moral, and above all is the spiritual. It is only when a man moves on the Spiritual level that he has power with God.  It is because too many ministers and Christian workers are content to live upon the intellectual level or upon the moral plane, that their work is impotent to touch the mighty stronghold of Satan. The first question, therefore, to put to every Christian worker is: on what level are you working; on what level are you living? For if you are speaking on anything less than the Spirit level, you should know that your life will be largely a failure.”

~F.B. Meyer (Quoted in Andrew Murray’s book, “The State of the Church” an urgent call to repentance and prayer, page 41)


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    Obieze Nwachukwu Says: January 7, 2012 12:46 pm

    This is so true because it is only in this realm we can please the Lord and worship Him in Spirit and Truth but please Daniel how can we leave daily in this realm, it has been one question on my mind for too long.

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      Daniel Kolenda Says: January 7, 2012 10:13 pm

      This would be a great topic to write on…thanks for the question. Keep checking back my friend

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    Lydia Says: January 7, 2012 6:01 am

    Thank you for quoting this. Beautifully put. I’m sharing it in FB.

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    David Okoye Says: January 7, 2012 12:33 am

    This truth and it calls for self examination. Thanks for shaing!

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    Isabelo Tabanguil Says: January 6, 2012 12:33 am

    It speaks truth, it speaks volume, it reveals the core of every man’s heart.

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