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A Testimony from the Taiwan Fire Conference

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Dec 17, 2009  /     Posted from Home  /     3 Comments

We have received many testimonies of the powerful things God did at the Fire Conferences in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Here is one I just received today;

“Wendy” writes: “I was there in the Taiwan Fire Conference! I am still jumping with the “Fire”! In fact, my ears still resound with the word “Fire” that you shouted to me as I received the prayer from the “anointing tunnel”…thank you, thank you, thank you…for coming to Taiwan! God has used Evangelist Bonnke and you incredibly!

My best friend Noel and I have received from the Lord the calling to go to Japan during the Conference! And we are already making plans of penetrating the business world there with a radical corporate training programs using dramas with embedded message of Jesus’ salvation…

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A Quote from Dr. R.G. Lee

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Dec 17, 2009  /     Posted from Home  /     2 Comments

“The Bible is beyond other books as the river is beyond a drop of water, as the sun is beyond the candle, and as the mountain is beyond a grain of sand. It is the fountain in which martyrs have cooled their faces, the pillow upon which the saints of all ages have rested their hearts; it breaks the fetters of the slave, takes the pain out of parting, takes the sting out of death, takes the gloom out of the grave and gives us a hope that is steadfast and sure.” ~ Dr. R.G Lee

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Heaven Keeps Getting Richer – On the Death of Oral Roberts

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Dec 16, 2009  /     Posted from Home  /     5 Comments

Heaven became more wealthy yesterday as it welcomed to its illustrious ranks, the famous Pentecostal evangelist, Oral Roberts who died at 91 years of age. He was a pioneer in the healing movement and an inspiration to countless other young evangelists. I visited with him several months ago in his Newport Beach home and was challenged in many areas. He said to me, “Do you pray for the sick in all your meetings?” “Of course,” I said. He rephrased the question and asked it again, this time a bit more deliberately. “Do you pray for the sick EVERY TIME you preach?” When he put it that way I had to say “no.” He said, “You must.” The ministry of Jesus was three-fold he told me: “preaching – teaching – healing.” That is a description of the ministry of Jesus and that is also a description of the ministry of Oral Roberts;: Preaching, teaching and healing in the name of Jesus. May the next generation pick up the baton from these heroes in the faith and finish the race.

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3-Year-Old Boy Raised From the Dead!

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Dec 15, 2009  /     Posted from Home  /     8 Comments

People have been asking for more details about the 3-year-old boy that was raised from the dead last week in Sapele, Nigeria. It is a truly extraordinary story and worth some elaboration.

Last Saturday night (December 12) a woman came to the meeting with a 3-year-old son that was very ill. During the service she said that he actually passed away. I was still on the platform ministering when she brought him behind the platform. She was holding his lifeless body and weeping when the ushers found her. They confirmed that he was indeed dead and told her that all the crying in the world wouldn’t bring him back to life. They said, “Take him to the medical tent.” “No,” she told them, “I want to bring him to the man of God.” Security allowed her to wait there until the service was over.

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RAISED FROM THE DEAD!! – Sapele, Nigeria – Day 5

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Dec 14, 2009  /     Posted from Sapele Nigeria  /     2 Comments

Last night after the service, a woman stopped me as we were getting in the car to leave. In her arms she held her dead 3-year-old son. I held the body for just a moment, prayed and then left. Tonight we heard the testimony; as we drove away, the boy came to life and he is now perfectly well! She shared the testimony tonight and the crowd went wild! All of Sapele is rejoicing. Praise the Lord!

The crowd grew to 200,000 tonight. The mood was bitter/sweet. We are all so thankful for what the Lord has done, but sad that it ends tonight. We may never see the beautiful faces of the people of Sapele again in this world, but one day we will meet at the feet of Jesus for all eternity. That is why we come. That is why we preach. That is why we pay the price to reach them. We will return home now with the knowledge that hundreds of thousands have heard the Gospel and an entire city has been impacted. What a privilege!

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Living in the Book of Acts – Sapele, Nigeria – Day 4

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Dec 12, 2009  /     Posted from Sapele Nigeria  /     0 Comment

Today was the conclusion of the Sapele Fire Conference. When we arrived at the venue, early this morning, we were amazed to see that the crowd had literally doubled in size! The people had come to receive. Rev. Peter Vandenburg preached a poignant message about “Final Steps to Receiving the Power of God” and then I followed with a short teaching. When we prayed, heaven came down. Many thousands were touched. It was glorious!

Tonight, after the prayer for salvation, we also prayed for a mass baptism in the Holy Spirit over that huge crowd. As Evangelist Bonnke sometimes says, “On the day of Pentecost the crowd watched as the disciples were baptized in the Holy Spirit. Today, we watch as the crowd is baptized in the Holy Spirit”. These truly are the days of Harvest.

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Momentum is Building – Sapele, Nigeria – Day 3

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Dec 11, 2009  /     Posted from Sapele Nigeria  /     0 Comment

Momentum is building here in Sapele meeting by meeting on every front. Word is spreading through Delta state that Jesus is here, mighty things are happening and the people are running. Tonight the crowd increased to 135,000 and the response level was absolutely amazing! I feel as though I am preaching to dry sponges that soak up every word and savor it with joy. What a privilege to preach to such people!

Tonight we brought out the big metal barrels and burned witchcraft stuff. This is an area steeped in idolatry, but tonight, the people made a powerful statement best put by the words of the song they sang, “I will never worship a man-made god.” We all rejoiced as “the devils property” went up in a tower of flames.

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Emancipation Proclamation – Sapele, Nigeria – Day 2

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Dec 10, 2009  /     Posted from Sapele Nigeria  /     0 Comment

The Gospel is not Good News for everyone. To the principalities and powers that have held Sapele in bondage for generations, the Gospel is a declaration that their demonic kingdom has come to an end. The keys of death, hell and the grave have been confiscated and Jesus Christ is Lord of all!

Tonight I preached about the power in the blood of Jesus to save, to cleanse, to heal and to protect. After the prayer for salvation, I called out the names of the local curses one by one and broke their power over Sapele in the name of Jesus! It was an emancipation proclamation and it seemed as if every one of the more than 100,000 people in attendance received it with dancing and rejoicing as though their day of Jubilee had finally come.

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Let There Be Light! – Sapele, Nigeria – Day 1

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Dec 09, 2009  /     Posted from Sapele Nigeria  /     3 Comments

We have just returned from the first meeting of this Great Gospel Campaign here in Sapele, Nigeria where the atmosphere was absolutely electric! 75,000 people attended tonight’s opening meeting and brought with them an eager expectancy and hunger that was truly remarkable. As I preached, it felt as though the people were drawing on the anointing through their faith. I knew right away that mighty miracles would happen tonight and sure enough, after the prayer for salvation Jesus began to heal the sick. Here are a few of the testimonies we heard…

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